The News From Assbakistan: Story 2

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Anglican priest recounts ISIS mayhem against Christian children


An Anglican priest known as the “vicar of Baghdad” for his work in war-torn Iraq has recounted atrocities inflicted on Christian children by ISIS, the Muslim jihadist army that has declared the creation of an Islamic caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria.

“They chopped all their heads off,” Andrew White told the Christian Broadcasting Network in an interview.
See the interview here:
Muslim Obama


…where all the women wear trash bags, all the goats are good looking, and all the children are more murderous than average.

You guessed it. The common thread is Assbakistan.
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0 responses to “The News From Assbakistan: Story 2

  1. The Obamahood….Coming to any town, YOUR TOWN USA Shared.

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Don’t understand that picture of obama there. Looks right proud. Looks to me like some old plantation maid.
    Only the ignorant, liars, or cowards, refer to obama as president.

  3. What will it take to wake America (and Europe) up? Everything done by ISIS is a following of Koranic/sharia law. Traildust, thank you for doing what you are doing, that is, what the media isn’t doing. We are being led by evil people who are themselves led by Satan. People with just a bit of clear thinking and common sense should be able to see this soon. Maybe atheists will come to believe that there is Satanic power and then come to see that there is God also.

  4. But not a whiff of empathy from Hillary Clinton, who instead urges Americans to have empathy for our enemies.
    Nor even a pretense at sympathy for the Christians being slaughtered from the Obama White House. Heck, Obama can’t even bring himself to call the ISIS ISLAMIC State “Islamic.”
    Nor is there a statement of disgust from George W. Bush, ostensibly a born-again Christian, who called Islam a “religion of peace.”
    Nor is there even a whimper of protest or admonition from Pope Francis.

  5. Excellent post! Perhaps there is some hope on the horizon . . .in Norway there was an explosion of rapes perpetrated 100% by the Muslims who had started immigrating to Norway. Up until that time, there were virtually no rapes committed against Norwegian women by native Norwegian men. Finally, they woke up; they have started D-E-P-O-R-T-I-N-G the perpetrators. According to what my sister told me, the Norwegians also would deport the families of those who perpetrated these acts. In all honesty, I could only find an article on the deportation of the perpetrators, but could not find the part about deporting the families. Myself, I would have no problem with kicking out both perpetrator and their families. My sister is a much wider reader than am I, so she may be right. If anyone has seen this information, please let me know. Since I have cousins in Norway, all I can say is . . . Good for Them! They woke up before it was to late.


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