The New New Obama 2012 Campaign T-Shirt

Fellowship of the Minds has a mole inside the “Obama for President 2012” campaign that’s run by former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel from deep within Chicago’s Man’s Country
The latest report from our mole is of the negative fallout from the campaign’s shameless exploitation of the Tucson mass murder by transforming last week’s Arizona memorial to the victims of the shooting into an Obama campaign rally, complete with propaganda T-shirts.

Obama 2012 T-shirts were draped on chairs before the Arizona memorial service.

Stung by the reprobation, the campaign has scrubbed all plans for “Together We Thrive” as its 2012 campaign slogan. In its place is a new slogan and a new T-shirt. Here it is!

A BKeyser design


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10 years ago

Great job as usual BK!