The New Clinton Reveals Her Conscience

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Chelsea Clinton, some say as bad as her mother,
does virtue signaling about “abortion rights.”

(Washington Examiner) Chelsea Clinton said that it would be “un-Christian” to roll back abortion protections granted by the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade.

“When I think about all of the statistics, that are painful, of what women are confronting today in our country, and what even more women confronted pre- Roe, and how many women died, and how many more women were maimed because of unsafe abortion practices, we just can’t go back to that,” Clinton said during a SiriusXM Progress Town Hall clip uploaded Thursday.

“That’s unconscionable to me. And also, I’m sure that this will unleash another wave of hate in my direction, but as a deeply religious person, it’s also un-Christian to me,” Clinton said.


What exactly is Chelsea’s concept of Christian? 

Can the daughter of a woman who attends “spirit cooking” events, and who is friendly with the “Church of Satan” in NYC have any valid idea of what a Christian actually is?


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24 responses to “The New Clinton Reveals Her Conscience

  1. I wonder if Rabbit Tooth Chelsea knows she almost didn’t make it here! Her mothe KILLARY Rotten Clinton didn’t want children, Slick Willie made her happen. And if she thinks she’s going to get rolled into politics by momma, wake up! Clinton’s a are a thing of the past. Go home and have more babies, may God help you.

    • Alma . . . Did you see if yesterday’s news that some college or school district has voted to “remove Killary Clinton” from being mentioned in their textbooks. I would say those were some pretty smart folks.

  2. Like her mom, Chelsea has no conscience.

    These people make me sick.

  3. So, it’s “Christian” to kill the unborn.
    Chelsea Clinton has taken Orwellian Newspeak to depths even George Orwell would not have anticipated.
    Her father isn’t Webster Hubbell; her father is Satan.

    • Dr Eowyn,
      Have you ever done a article on how the Paul Manafort/Trump/Russia Collusion lie started? In truth the DNC “colluded” with a foreign government “Ukraine” to “election meddle” by having the Ukraine government make disparaging public remarks against candidate Trump, and feed the Manafort propaganda to DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa which started the whole fake Trump/Russia lie to try and steal our elections and overthrow our government.

      Sharyl Attkisson lays it out rather well in “Collusion against Trump” timeline | Sharyl Attkisson
      Here’s Politico on it
      Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire

  4. I don’t know where this idiot got her bastardized version of Christianity, but I can think of few things that will get pro-life people like me to the polls in November.

    I hope the dems really are stoopid enough to run Web Hubbell’s spawn for a nationally visible political office – and I hope komrade Broom Hilda campaigns for her, too.

    Watching this twit of a trophy kid get creamed would be seriously BIG FUN.

    • Isn’t it ironic ( or maybe not) that leftists and communists whose ideas originate from a Christ hating Jew, Karl Marx, take Christs’ teachings and bastardize them for their own agenda. They quote Christ and his teachings so as to give themselves a moral/spiritual superiority/authority which they otherwise are totally bankrupt of while twisting Christ’s teachings and spitting in his eye. It takes a one special kind of evil to act with this level of audacity and arrogance.

      • I would say that KNOWINGLY twisting his words and message would be one of the UNFORGIVABLE sins. But then a sin against God is a brownie point in the camp of Satan. Funny that all these people think that they will share in the “glory of Satan” when he takes over… but Like the Lord of the Rings, “he does not share power!!!”.

  5. To be a Christian, do the exact oppose of what a Clinton espouses.

  6. More gaslighting by the Clintons. Will they ever go away?

  7. Every time she opens her mouth she sounds dumber than the last. She was raised with no religion. I mean really, look at her “parents”. It’s a wonder Hillary didn’t eat her.

    What, pray tell, is this vague “…what women today are confronting…”? Dr. E has it right. Does she actually think it’s “Christian” to kill infants? Lana’s comment is spot on as well. That’s where all of these “ideas” stem from.

    When I look at this bunch, and some of those star-struck faces at the Obongo speeches I’m horrified. It may simply be too late for some. Maybe they could keep the homeless junkies company out in the desert somewhere.

  8. The only thing I can say is that when these people depart their earthly bodies, they will suddenly discover they were wrong.

  9. Maybe the dems (dims) could run chelsea hubbell for president, and funny uncle joe biden for v.p. Sounds like a match made in liberal heaven.

  10. Is Chelsea under a trance, or is she merely parroting the new pseudo-Christian nonsense? Let’s look at it: How many churches today have been infiltrated by leftist and Marxist elements? Add to that the number of so-called Christians who are ready to LEAP at Romans 13 in an effort to keep real Christians on the “reservation”—as if Christianity were a suicide pact!
    Well, we finally found someone DUMBER than Nancy Pelosi!

  11. We really have little concern about what Webb Hubbell’s skanky little offspring has to say. We know from whence she came, and how she was enabled to have any capability of having a planned positioning within the public sphere, rather than visiting her Rose law firm mother inside the maximum immorality prison for regular visitors sessions.


    Activists seeking documentation that would support claims that the state of Arkansas was involved with money laundering on a massive scale may have found the missing link in their three year search. Documents obtained by the Arkansas Committee show that the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority, a Bill Clinton signature project, was involved in a highly questionable, and possibly illegal, sixty-million dollar deal in which ADFA borrowed 5 million dollars from a Japanese bank in order to buy stock in a Barbados insurance company. The stock was not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission

    Persons involved in the deal, which began in 1987 and ended in 1991, include Bob Nash, then president of ADFA and now Personnel Director of the White House, Robert Rubin, then president of Goldman Sach’s investment bank and now Secretary of the Treasury, and Maurice Greenburg, president of American International Group, and a candidate in 1995 to be Director of Central Intelligence.”

  12. Chelsea can stop talking. Now. She has absolutely nothing to add that I’m the least bit interested in hearing.

  13. This is the one Hillary let live. According to Sally Perdue Miller, Hillary’s had numerous abortions herself.

  14. @Hawkmoon, thank you for your post:
    Sharyl Attkisson lays it out rather well in “Collusion against Trump” timeline | Sharyl Attkisson
    The following link was missing in your report. Everyone should take the time to read this; especially the timeline 2011 thru 2016 as you will learn so much more than just the topic.
    At the bottom of the above link is “Important MRI Risks Nobody Told You About”

  15. @Flanders, The largest insurance company in the world, AIG – American International Group was bought by our unlawful corporate government under the Bushwhacker’s Administration then concealed from the public by Congress and the media. The taxpayers were stuck paying off AIG’s claims just as they were stuck during FDR’s 1933 bankruptcy which settled in 1999. Clinton never returned 3 generations stolen property and now we have Obummer’s 2015 bankruptcy. Thanks to dedicated researchers all of these crimes have been exposed and claims filed with the Trustees on behalf of all Americans.

  16. @Flanders, to supplement your brilliant find
    The criminals moved the Arkansas records to Federal Murrah Building in Oklahoma City that was wired with 3 bombs according to the film “A Nobel Lie” and Catherine Austin Fitts.
    This 1:18 minute film will provide more background published September 18, 2018 by Alexandra Bruce The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire
    Alexandra writes, and I wholeheartedly agree: “This is the most important film that I’ve seen in years and it bears several viewings. It is deeply instructive and revelatory of the foundation of almost all of the corruption that pervades our world today, which is rarely, if ever discussed in this forthright manner.”

    Additional background is here:

    Containing these links
    and most especially

  17. @Debra L Williams – After reading your post, I thought of this picture.

  18. Next she will be stating that banning sacrifices to Moloch is ‘UnChristian’. The skank wearing the inverted cross is now an authority on Christianity. Trying to be logical with the Left is like trying to teach an pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig. All they know are shouting matches and crybullying. Chelsea is a unattractive rich kid trying to be important. A prime example of the elite and effete Left, which is being increasing reviled by those that have no desire to serve their pernicious needs and desires.


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