The mystery of the empty rain barrel

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People living in Colorado Springs wondered why their rain water barrel was almost empty every day.
So they set up a couple of cameras.
Look at what they caught on film!

H/t beloved Tina

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0 responses to “The mystery of the empty rain barrel

  1. Smart bear!! We have many of these on our mountain, and you can smell them from quite a long way off. They need a bath–guess this one is really smart!

  2. Same bear scratching his back? Could be. 🙂

  3. love it 🙂 Feels soooo good !
    I just hope no-one thinks that’s me….I’m more blonde

  4. Fill the barrel with beer. Bears love beer.

  5. Beautiful and happy. S/he needs a slightly bigger tub, to lean back and REALLY relax. Reminds of the Japanese island monkey in my avatar!

    • Japanese beer…mmmmmm
      my avatar would be my Harley IF I could get it out of the folder,sigh

  6. Had a bear that visited most every summer night. He could pop the crown top off a liter bottle of Orion Beer, no problem. Packed it in a barrel of ice on hot summer nights.

  7. Cute!

  8. LOLOL!! Love his tootsies!

  9. cooool that bear looks so relaxed and at home looks like he is giving a big sigh of “oh yeah” as he kicks back in his wooden rain barrell and views the woods below


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