The Murderous Mind of the Radical Left

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Marxist communism’s promise is universal brotherhood and equality. But “the Devil may appear as the Angel of Light.” Despite its utopian impulse, the reality of communism proved to be very different, producing instead mass murder and mass oppression that made the 20th century the bloodiest century in human history. Altogether — in the former Soviet Union and Communist China, in Vietnam and the killing fields of Kampuchea, and continuing in the bizarre looking-glass land of North Korea — Marxist-Leninism achieved a toll of 85 to 100 million people, who perished from misguided economic experiments and the deliberate abuse and murder by the state. [Source]

The killing fields of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia

What accounts for the viciousness and brutality of Marxist regimes are three attributes:

  1. Marxists’ impenetrable conviction that they, and they alone, have the absolute Truth.
  2. That absolute Truth is the ideology of Marxism, at the heart of which is the pseudo-scientific promise of a utopian society (and eventually the world) of perfect equality, without poverty and the injustice and privations of capitalism, where government itself has “withered away,” replaced with genuine self-rule.
  3. The attainment of TOTAL power that is used, ostensibly, to achieve that utopia. Imagine if you have the recipe to build heaven on earth and if a few people (or hundreds or millions) stood in the way. Wouldn’t you “sacrifice” them for “the good” of “the people”?

Don’t think it can happen here, in America?
Think again.
Larry Grathwohl is a former FBI agent who infiltrated the Weather Underground (WU), a radical left group that originated in 1969 as a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were founders of the WU. Both are Chicago pals of Obama.
The goal of the Weather Underground was to foment a violent overthrow of the U.S. government and the instauration of a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” The clandestine organization instigated a series of terrorist bombings in the 1970s. Ayers and Dohrn were complicit in the conspiracy to bomb the office of California State Senator John Briggs. The two turned themselves in December 1980. Charges were dropped for Ayers; Dohrn received three years probation and a $15,000 fine. Both dispute their being labeled “terrorists” and remain unrepentant to this day.

Ayers and Dohrn, then and now.

In this video, Grathwohl tells us how the members of the Weather Underground calmly made plans to kill 25 million (their estimate) Americans who they expected would resist reeducation when the WU seized political power.
This is the mind of the radical Left, whether it’s the former Soviet Union or Maoist China or Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge or the American Left.


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  1. Marxism — [quote, loosely] from each slave according to his (or her) ability to produce, as determined in the real world by the production quotas set by the central coordinating committee ; to each oligarch and monopolist in accord with their needs, as determined by the comsumption allowances assigned by the central coordinating committee.
    Marxism has always been about a practical dictatorship of monopolists, operating through a central coordinating committee, populated only by Bolshevik murderers, who are selected by Talmudic bankers.
    The issue is NOT Marxism versus “capitalism.” Marx wrote the definitive work on capitalism, called Das Kapital. The issue is Marxism and the free-trade monopolist (“capitalism”) versus our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The issue is Wealth of the Corporation, for which Smith used the term nation. But every time he used the word nation, he was speaking of “nations of fawning dogs.”
    The issue is Marxism (both left and right varieties of Marxism are totalitarian dictatorships … he covered his bases) versus the idea of a republic wherein the citizenship of every individual is respected … versus the idea that every individual is born with unalienable natural rights … versus the ideas of God and natural law … versus the idea of common law and juries … versus the idea of the individual having the right to infuse property with his creativity and ingenuity and by doing so raise it, and himself as its owner, to higher levels of economic utility and energy …
    The left-wing varieties of Marxism, now commonly referred to as socialism and communism, and the right-wing varieties of Marxism, now commonly referred to as “captialism” and “free trade,” always actually refer to a dictatorship of monopolists, corporatists and bankers, who in turn are coordinated from from an amoral and Godless center run by über-bankers. Invariably, the “Marxist” über-banker dispises the concept of a republic wherein each natural individual holds, as citizen, certain and knowable, unalienable and natural rights, by which holding that citizen, each citizen, is able to proclaim and assert the God-given individual sovereignty from which all subsequent forms of sovereignty, like the sovereignty of nations, are derived.
    Smith, who was Marx’ guru, never spoke of capitalists or capitalism. Like Marx, Smith never spoke of the sovereignty of his fawning dogs. Like Marx, Smith never spoke of the Sovereignty of Nations. (He spoke only of the sovereignty of the corporation that would supplant the republic, and collect wealth from its denizens, which he referred to as fawning dogs.) Like Marx, Smith spoke only of the Wealth of [Corporations which own the populations of fawning dogs] which corporations he referred to as the Nation. Like Marx, Smith never talked about the Wealth of the Republic, which is invariably founded in the natural (God-given), unalienable, and lawfully reproducable rights of the creative individual.
    We are a republic, of sovereign individuals. It’s in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Both Marxist left (communists) and Marxist right (free-trade monopolists and corporatists) hate us for that. The sovereignties of OUR governments (local, state and national) are derived from the higher and natural sovereignty of creative and productive individuals, and never from “free trade” usurpers and Marxist organizers.

  2. For those without principles, a nice theory is more important than people.

  3. Ol’ Bill Ayers finds Obama to be too “moderate,” “pragmatic” and “compromising” for his money, too.
    “My Evening with Bill Ayers, Cindy Sheehan, and Some Creepy Communist Lady,” by Kyle Stone, Pajamas Media, 20 JUN 10

  4. Great post! I love discovering these lost gems from the archives!


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