The mother of all poop

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This astonishing video — of miles and miles of trucks carrying tank barrels of human waste — was taken on a highway in Dubai sometime in 2009.
Language Warning: You’ll hear the s-word, many times! LOL

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates, located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. The population of Dubai is about 2.106 million.
CDBSmith2, who uploaded the video to YouTube, claims that the waste was collected in tanks because Dubai had no sewage system. But some of the comments on the video’s YouTube page say that Dubai does have a sewage system. It’s just that the city grew so quickly that the sewage system was overloaded by the burgeoning demand. So the poop tanks were used as a temporary fix.
It’s still a lot of poop! LOL
H/t FOTM’s joworth

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0 responses to “The mother of all poop

  1. Could have been shipping it out of Washington, DC.

  2. Dump enough of that stuff on their barren desert, they might be able to grow some awesome taters or even those humungous half-ton pumpkins.

  3. my count only lead up to 94 trucks…I am sure there were more!
    @trail… LOL good one!

  4. wildbillalaska

    All these trucks are full of Obamacare regulations.


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