The Most Frightening Thing

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This will be the most frightening 2 minutes 45 seconds of radio talk you’ve ever heard.
God help us.

H/t beloved Fellowship member Muffin.

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0 responses to “The Most Frightening Thing

  1. (jaw dropped wide open)
    Welfare checks must have The Traitor’s mug on them now…

  2. The stupidity expressed by Jo is absolutely unbelievable! If there were no borders, there would be no USA. Insanity! Notwithstanding the fact that Jo thinks her welfare checks are actually paid by Mr. O. Yes, God help us please!!!

  3. I hope that this was an instance of facetiousness on the part of the caller in order to illustrate a point.
    I fear that it wasn’t.

  4. I just ate and this made me sick! See what kinda s*&%! we are dealing with,this is what the Fraud dug up to vote for him.

  5. Alexander Pope said, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” I conclude that dangerous people like Jo voted for Mr. O.

  6. Beyond the ability to have an informed thought and just plain stupid. There are words that discribe this woman but not any that are socially acceptable. INSANITY. fs

  7. As this obviously ignorant subhuman creature crawls out from under its rock to vote in the next election please someone shoot it between the eyes, hopefully before it reproduces .

  8. “Obama money… from his stash!” (another left/libtard uses that line– do they have scriptwriter?).

  9. OMG!!!! this is disgusting!!! I can not believe that this is someone’s honest oppinion!!! This made me sick to my stomach!! Does this person really believe that the USA could survive if we had open borders? We do NOT have enough resources to survive!!! California is already in a drought, money is scarce, our economy hasn’t been this bad since the great depression!! This woman is probably the daughter of an illegal alien!! I wish this person much sucess…beacsue she is going to need it!!!! :$

  10. get ready to fight the Invasion, and remember Zombie People like this woman in la la land.
    If one of them rape and rob her dumb azz that will snap her back to reality, because she cant go any further in la la land


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