The Most Dangerous President

I don’t like Newt Gingrich because of what he did to his now ex-wife Jackie Battley. While still married to Battley, Gingrich was carrying on an adulterous affair. He told Battley, while she was in her hospital bed recovering from cancer surgery, that he wanted a divorce.
But Gingrich is also a former history professor who knows what of he speaks. In this interview with Sean Hannity, Gingrich points to Obama’s total divorce from reality. As I indicated in my post “What Obama’s 17-Minute Response Reveals,” pathological narcissism such as Obama’s isn’t just a psychological issue but has a cognitive dimension. Since a narcissist is someone who has a grandiose FALSE self-conception, that means the narcissist is also defective in other areas of reality-assessment. That is why Gingrich calls the Punk “potentially the most dangerous president.”
God help us!

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I also listened to Gingrich throw people that believe Barry is a fraud under the bus the other night on Greta-fox news,this tells me he is part of the cover-up also,whether they are scared or stupid is beyond me.But if we all shiver in our boots on this issue of him being illegal we are in trouble. The people that do know and are covering him here need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,{and that won’t be good enough for me} Things are heating up here on this issue kids,sooo buckle your seat belts,its gonna be… Read more »


Newt needs to be teaching history, as he has some competence in that area.
Otherwise, he is nothing more than a RINO opportunist, and as such is not worth another keystroke from me.