The Miracle of the Sinking SUV

In 2010, a severe thunderstorm packing 60- to 80-mile-per-hour winds and hail descended over the city of Pueblo, Colorado. The storm dumped more than three inches of rain in less than two hours, and drainage systems couldn’t keep up.
At the intersection of 29th street and I-25, driving home in her SUV from her job at Wendy’s, Charlene Deherrera was caught in a flash flood. She cannot swim. All four windows in the SUV were rolled up.
The SUV began to sink….
Four men came to her rescue. The first was Dr. Rocky Khosla. Try as he might, he could not break the safety glass of the car’s windshield and windows.
In the nick of time, when the car had become fully submerged, one of the men, Howard Absets, an unemployed store manager, somehow grabbed hold of the woman and pulled her out of the car.
When the SUV was towed out, all four windows were still rolled up and the windshield was intact.
This is from the transcript of Rocky Khosla’s account of what happened:

“Out of instinct with my left hand still on the luggage rack I reach in with my right arm where the driver windows would be and I was able to put my arm inside the vehicle.

Somehow Charlene is able to get the window down just far enough for Howard to reach his arm inside [the] SUV. […]

I reach down too.

He happened to get under her left arm.[…]

And so I kind of grabbed her around the back of the neck and hair and was able to pull her out through the window of the driver door. […]

But the story doesn’t end. Charlene’s SUV is finally towed from the water, rescue crews notice something mysterious about the windows.

How window opened long enough for her to be pulled out and then closed again remains a mystery.

Believe that Charlene did have angels on her side.[…]

There was something there. I can’t explain it.”

So who rolled down the SUV’s window, then rolled it back up?

H/t our beloved KhetaAmenti, Da Mihi Animas, and Spirit Daily.

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8 years ago

That gave me chills. NOTHING is impossible with God and He is an AWESOME God that we serve! To Him be the glory!

8 years ago

Wow, this story gave me goosebumps! Believe in miracles…

A. Patchen
A. Patchen
8 years ago

Many of us have experienced the hand of God when it is not our time to go.There are books at your local library,just on such occurrences.One of my favorite set of books,
‘When God Winks’.

8 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post! God also uses the Church Triumphant, the angels and the saints, to do his work! I am certain that it was her guardian angel that helped! I talk to my guardian angel, “James,” every day very often! I also speak to many of the Saints who have helped me in my life as they are OUR FAMILY! Praise be to God!

8 years ago

Simple water pressure reaction, window was rolled down by woman just before sinking, then as the water filled the car the air held between the door was forced up pushing the window up with it, as the car had been submerged for hours, not a miracle, not gods help.

7 years ago
Reply to  Jackson

I have never heard of or read about a phenomenon like you describe. Many cars have been pulled from submersion after weeks, months, and years with windows still down. What is the variable that causes some to go up and some not? Just curious as to the science or mechanics involved as you see it.


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Know His Voice
Know His Voice
5 years ago

It could be mechanics, and then again, it could be that He who created matter out of nothing decided to suspend the physical laws humanity has created to define our material existence, because His beloved child Charlene, or the brother she had called, asked Him to save her.
God acts when we are fervent in our prayer, and often at the most hopeless moment of our lives.