The miracle of the dog who grew a new face

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Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU) is an animal rescue organization in India.
Nearly 4 months ago, AAU rescuers found a black-and-white dog hiding in a hole in a construction site in the city of Udaipur in southern India, with a horrible injury to his face. Unattended, the injury had become a gaping hole, infested and eaten by maggots.

Warning: Gruesome Image!

Under the loving care of the good people at AAU, Kalu the dog not only survived, he grew back a face and a healthy left eye!
Here’s AAU’s account of what happened:

We found Kalu lying in a hole at a construction site in Udaipur on October 7, 2015. His face looked like a bomb had exploded between his forehead. The horrific gaping hole was infested with maggots that were literally eating him alive. As soon as our rescuers Ganpat and Kalu Singh brought him back to Animal Aid we decided that euthanizing him would be the best decision. But as Kalu stood there on the examining table, something in his spirit stopped us in our tracks and we knew we had to give him a chance.
So we began treatment on the most heartbreaking wound we had ever before seen.
We put a powder into the wound that kills the maggots and gave him IV fluids while we waited for the powder to do it’s job.
A few hours later we put Kalu under sedation and began to remove the dead maggots, debride and clean the wound.
Over the course of the next 3 months, Kalu astounded us with him strength of will, his incredible healing and all the love he had to give.

Here’s a video of Kalu’s miracle:

God bless the kind folks at Animal Aid Unlimited!
If you have a few dollars to spare, please consider donating to Animal Aid Unlimited, a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization.
To donate, click here!

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0 responses to “The miracle of the dog who grew a new face

  1. This cannot be an accidental injury and I hope the person/s responsible pay dearly with their own gaping, infected wound.
    God Bless his rescuers!
    Damn! This makes me violently angry…

  2. wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most incredible post. I immediately asked Our Lord to reward these wonderful people with His many blessings, for the kindness, compassion and love they showed toward Kalu. Wonderful!

  4. What a coincidence to wake up to this post today! I just discovered animal rescue/treatment YouTube channels, late last week, and have been overdosing on viewing them (with tissue box handy!). Two of my favorites:
    Rescue: Hope For Paws (based in California)
    Treatment: Vet Ranch (Texas)
    Kudos to all those who care for the vulnerable animals.

  5. God bless AAU and Kalu too!
    Man is supposed to care for God’s animals, not abuse them.
    May the Lord have mercy on those who abuse poor animals, they will need His mercy.

  6. So awesome!

  7. Never EVER give up. That’s what I got from this video. And, oh, what a sweet brave dog!

  8. all yall are saying great things…..did you SEND MONEY????
    i did.

  9. please forgive me if this is a repeat comment, but it doesn’t seem to have gotten posted the first time..yall.the comment goes like this….
    all yall are very sympathetic….how many of you sent them money?
    i did.
    let’s see if the comment posts this time……if it’s a repeat, again, sorry about that…..

  10. ganpat and kalu singh…….whatever your perception of “heaven” may be, you have most definitely earned yourselves a place there……and you will have the company of a totally healed KALU to keep you company …
    there is no way to thank you here on this earth…..we can send money, and i have sent money…….but there’s no way to repay you for what you have done for this poor dog…..who is now whole……a miracle to give the whole world hope, if only they could be bothered to see it….but they mostly can’t be bothered to see it…
    even so….keep up the good work!!!


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