The media helped build this violent beast yet suddenly care because of Biden

The media has been complicit in this unrest in demorat-run cities. They’ve repeatedly said “peaceful protests” to cover for the destruction Antifa and BLM are allowed to create in American cities. Watch CNN change their chyron to cover for rioters:

Even when the truth comes out they will twist it to fit a narrative:

Now demorats are concered with the rioting, looting and destruction because people are being killed and businesses and cities destroyed it’s hurting Joe Biden.

President Reagan got it right:

You helped unleash this beast, demorats. Too little, too late to make it disappear now. You think the BLM/Antifa rioters are going to listen to your demands? You’ve got another thing coming.

You demorats OWN this and your culpability in the destruction and death across our demorat-run cities.


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1 month ago

One thing the Demo-Socialist “leaders” fail to grasp is that they can’t put this back in the can. ANTIFA/BLM will NEVER be satisfied. Haven’t these Mayors and Governors noticed that every time-EVERY time-they’ve capitulated and given these thugs what they demanded,the thugs demand even MORE? It’s not about what they’re given,THAT is just a “Control” thing,a distraction. They’re REALLY about destroying the USA-THAT is what Soros is paying for. And they don’t want to fail-I’m not sure what the Soros version of “Arkancided” is,but I’m SURE they don’t want THAT fate….

1 month ago

I think tonight translates as “See ya, Joe!”
Great way to end it tonight, all sung from WH balcony:
(“Nessun dorma” from Turandot, by Pavarotti)
(Hallelujah, by Cohen)
(Ave Maria, by Andrea Bocelli)
(God Bless America, by Kate Smith)
(sorry, I’m not sure he got the lyrics right…)
(America the Beautiful, by Ray Charles)

Last edited 1 month ago by CogitoErgoSumantra
1 month ago

Um, that was in RE: the final night of the GOP convention, sorry. Ended with a male tenor opera singer doing those pieces for those who missed it. And then the news analysts ripped into Trump for having the audacity to do so from the WH… omg.

1 month ago

The left (dems/msm/etc) have sh!t in their Cheerios. A term I use. They may be sorry as it doesn’t appear to be working as planned. We still can’t be complacent in voting.. The President is all we have.

Dr. Eowyn
1 month ago

Democrats have internal, i.e., actually true, polls — and those polls tell them they’re losing, which explains why the complicit media are suddenly changing their tune. Evil bastards, all.