The man responsible for the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre – Updates

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Every day, we get news of yet another horror perpetrated in America — of yet another murder in the crime-ridden streets of a nearby city, of senseless acts like an argument in a New York subway station escalating to the pushing and death of a family man under an oncoming train….
America is no longer a country we recognize.
Yesterday, a new unimaginably EVIL horror was perpetrated in an elementary school in prosperous Newtown, Connecticut.
A young man first killed his mother, then drove in her car to Sandy Hook Elementary School. Calmly, without saying a word, he shot to death 20 little children and 6 adults.

Sandy Hill students being led away from the school.

Sandy Hill students being led away from the school.

Sandy Hook now has the distinction of being the second worst school shooting in U.S. history — second in the number of victims only to the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, which left 33 people dead, including the gunman.
Before we even found out the name of the mass murderer, the usual voices on the Left already had started making political haystack out of this latest evil with their usual denunciations of private gun ownership and their usual calls for gun control. To them, I have this question:
“China has had a rash of incidents of lone men going into schools and killing and wounding little children — with a knife. The most recent incident took place just a day before the Sandy Hook massacre. Should America also ban the private ownership of kitchen knives?”
And predictably, the usual Leftist trolls came onto this blog, Fellowship of the Minds, to spew their hateful and very confused accusation, such as this gem by Tmaz123:

“Gun control need to be reviewed. No one needs an assault rifle. The blood of these innocent children are on your hands. Hope you are all happy.”

To Tmaz123 and her ilk, I say:

“No, neither guns nor gun owners are responsible for the Sandy Hook killings. The person who is responsible, who has blood on his hands, is the killer himself — and his parents.”

This is what we know about the Sandy Hook mass murderer, thus far:

Adam Lanza as a child (l) and adult (r)

Adam Lanza as a child (l) and adult (r)

  • He is Adam Lanza, age 20.
  • He lived with his mother, Nancy, in a well-to-do part of prosperous Newtown, a picturesque New England community of 27,000 people about 60 miles northeast of New York City. The Lanzas’ neighbors are doctors or hold white-collar positions at companies such as General Electric, Pepsi and IBM.


  • Adam Lanza’s parents, Peter and Nancy, had filed for divorce in 2008. Peter Lanza remarried and lives in Stamford, Conn.; works as a tax director for General Electric; and found out about his son’s murderous rampage from a reporter. ABC News says Nancy was a kindergarten teacher. The AP says at least one Sandy Hook parent said Nancy Lanza mother was a substitute teacher there, but her name did not appear on a staff list. Police official said investigators were unable to establish any connection so far between her and the elementary school.
  • Adam has an older brother, 24-year-old Ryan, whom some reports had initially but mistakenly identified to be the killer. Ryan Lanza lives in Hoboken, N.J., and was at work when his brother committed the massacre. Law enforcement officials said they had questioned Ryan and do not believe him to have been involved in the shootings at Sandy Hook. Ryan told police he had not been in touch with his younger brother since about 2010.
  • Police first said they don’t have a motive for the killer, Adam Lanza, but later indicated they do have evidence for a motive although they refuse to say what it is. Investigators believe Adam had attended Sandy Hook several years ago but appeared to have no recent connection to the school. Daily Mail reports that Adam had “fought with” four Sandy Hook teachers the day before. He killed 3 of the 4 teachers; a fourth teacher wasn’t at the school that horrible day.
  • Adam Lanza was highly intelligent. People who knew him describe him as “brilliant but remote.” He was an honor roll student at Newtown High School, but was living at home instead of attending college or working at a job.
  • Adam Lanza showed signs of being mentally ill. An unnamed law enforcement official who was briefed on the investigation said Adam is believed to have suffered from “a personality disorder.” Neighbors described him as “odd” and displaying characteristics associated with mental illness. His brother Ryan reportedly described Adam as having Asperger Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism that in some clinical studies has been shown to have a causal link to violence. But Adam’s aunt Marsha Lanza, of Crystal Lake, Ill., said her nephew was raised by kind, nurturing parents who would not have hesitated to seek mental help for him if he needed it. “Nancy wasn’t one to deny reality,” Marsha Lanza said, adding her husband had seen Adam as recently as June and recalled nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Adam Lanza was a Goth. Catherine Urso of Newtown said her college-age son knew Adam  and remembered him for his “alternative style”: “He just said he was very thin, very remote and was one of the goths.”
  • Adam Lanza played video games. He was a member of a technology club at Newtown High School that held computer gaming parties.
  • Adam Lanza killed his victims execution-style, shooting each child up to 11 times. The children were all 1st grade students, about 6 years old.
  • Adam Lanza hated his mother. Before he drove his mother’s car to Sandy Hook elementary school to massacre  innocents, Adam had shot his mother in the face — which, criminal psychologists will tell you, is indicative of a lot of rage and hate.
  • The guns Adam used belonged to his parents. Three guns were found — a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols, inside the school; a .223-caliber high-powered rifle was in the back of the car driven by Adam. CNN reports that all three guns had been purchased by Nancy Lanza. In other words, no amount of psychological screening would have prevented Adam from getting hold of those guns. His access to those guns is his parents’ responsibility.

[Sources: Associated Press; ABC News; FoxNews; CNN; Reuters; The Sun; Daily Mail]
Like Adam Lanza, the killers at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson AZ, and Aurora CO (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold; Seung-Hui Cho; Jared Lee Loughner; James Holmes) are all young males from middle or upper-middle class homes.
There is something very wrong with our society and with American families. We are breeding heartless, soul-less, evil psychopaths.

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0 responses to “The man responsible for the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre – Updates

  1. So i sit here with a heavy heart, my spelling may be off, punctuation screwed up,but… whatever.
    I have a firewall that insulates me from all the crap that happends in the world. Protected by indefrence and anger.And I like that.
    Today(yesterday) what happened(school) broke through all of that and i have sadness , really nothing else.
    I also have a tendency to over analyze things and here….. we ….go..
    more was taken that day than the lives of those children,teachers,principals..
    memories are the first thing that pop into my mind.
    Did I say goodbye ? , Have a nice day? , what about nothing ,to busy w\ the life that i\you have???
    Oh I’ll just pick him up after school, got to soccer \ karate\ catch up later…Yeah, that’s gone
    what about the good morning mom\dad. I love you , your my hero (mom dad) everyday that your child would tell you??
    yeah , that was taken too….
    the pics w\ santa that we not done yet ,or the gifts bought that will still be un opened on x-mas day…
    the look in that child eye when he she gets that one thing they really wanted from santa????
    then the memories of things that reinforced that child is “gonna do something great”
    1st place in the beauty pagent.
    houners student
    natural at sports
    1st prize at the science fair
    taken things apart ,see how they work
    can show u how to use the computer…
    taken , just erased…
    potential vanished in seconds
    memories fade becuase of the trama.They seems so long ago. Far away
    joy , love of the that very special (joey, sally) , now is a dark, dark void..
    Your life as u know it …Taken!!!
    Now , the gun violence debate is just that . A debate and it serves no purpose in this time of mourning.
    I can not begin to feel their pain , but i can shed a tear . For i am a parent too.
    and today i cry for you…..

    • Is there any way to verify the location of the .223 semi-auto rifle? The media has reported Adam used this rifle to kill the children and the adults. If so, how did the rifle get in Adam’s car???????? Didn’t Adam die in the school??

  2. What meds was he on? There is a direct link between meds and jumping off the deep end, but the news doesn’t see fit to say anything about that connection.

  3. You can not legistate evil or crazy. If someone wants to kill you, they are going to find a way to do it. Please God…help these poor families in their greatest hour of need.

    • You fight evil or crazy, that’s about all you can do… going “Stop! or I’ll say ‘Stop!’ again” doesn’t work.

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for setting forth facts that tell us what happened yesterday. Our country is in mourning for these children and adults who have lost their lives needlessly, to someone who is filled with evil and anger. I looked at the picture of Adam as a child; he appears to have a strange look on his face. All I can say is that a person could not do such evil himself; he has to be cooperating with evil. He is a “Goth” – noteworthy.
    And so we again pray for all of the victims and their families, and this poor American community who are suffering so much.

    • “Goth” is what? A way of thinking or a way of dressing? And do we know for sure he was a “Goth”? I mourn for all involved and pray for us all.

  5. The military uses video games to train. Adam didn’t miss. Surprised it took this long.

  6. All are young males from middle or upper middle class homes. And presumably well educated. Interesting.

  7. Dr. Eowyn,
    Waiting for a straight shot work up of this tragedy and wanted to hear from you. Thank you and will be sharing on PC.
    NO amount of laws or regulations will ever prevent evil like this. One armed person at the school might have prevented this tragedy or kept the loss of innocent lives to a minimum. I know Ct. has some of the strictest gun control laws in our Republic and guns are prohibited on school grounds I would guess but one legal CCW person could have prevented this horrendous loss of tender, young lives.
    Young, well to do, goth, weird, gamers, white young males and mentally ill. Guns belonged to Mom, shot in face.
    Furious, weeping and enraged. This is no time for politics yet the commie left knows no other way.

  8. Wow! Nancy Lanza is related to the hero, “Uncle” Alan Burton Hall! Both Lanza and Hall have Champion ancestry! “Uncle” Hall is watching the children from Newtown!

  9. Asperger’s Syndrome may play a big part in this. I read his brother said Adam had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a personality disorder. This is not unusual for those with Aspergers and above average intellect to end up developing mental illness during young adulthood. Impluse control is often an issue too. Most of these individuals can’t handle the normal emotions resulting from stresses in life. Factor in the meds he may or may not have been taking, his “goth” personna, playing violent game videos, his parents divorce, and access to his mother’s weapons and you have a potentially very dangerous cocktail. All parents who are raising children of normal to above average intellect with Asperger’s Syndrome can under no uncertain terms allow them access to weapons. These indivduals have to be monitored closely no matter how “independent” they want to live their lives until, in my humble opinion, at least 10 years from the onset of adulthood has passed and the individual has proven they can deal with life’s up and downs appropriately without interventions needed.

  10. I dont know if we will ever get all the correct facts about this horrific scene. I do want to mention that apparently the shooter wasn’t a normal person ( if we can even say that any longer) according to some circulating reports. So, what is it in us humans that we have to be so judgemental towards our brothers and sisters? I was listening to the news and was hearing this person/shooter called so many horriffic names I wanted to cry for his family, yes, they were victims too! I have a friend who has an Autistic child and I see how there are so many challenges in caring for one like this but she always does the best that she can. I was also sickened by the news stations interviewing the child survivors from the school and I told myself how sick is that? Then one wonders about mental illness….God help us all.

  11. Why was the shooter wearing body armor? Why use a rifle at close range? Has anyone heard of a single survivor who saw his face, what he did or how he did it? Just asking.

  12. Gun free zones are killing zones for madmen! When are the stupid people going to realize this? Safest city is Kennesaw, Georgia where every head of household is required to own a gun. Safest country is Switzerland where all males have three months military training and own guns! DON’T LET THESE LIBERALS LIE TO YOU, OR THEY WILL MAKE IT WORSE!!!Semper Fi.

  13. Here are some things to consider in response to the upcoming gun-banning flood of answers to U.S. School Massacres.
    1) The worst U.S. School Massacre killed 44 persons, mostly young children in grammar school, and injured 58 more people. It is called the Bath School Disaster and occurred in 1927 in Michigan, see Wikipedia.
    2) It was a premeditated massacre by a man who planted dynamite and similar explosives in the school basement to be triggered by alarm clocks. The man was a school board member who previously was asked to do repair work in the school, allowing him unfettered ability to set the bombs. This was probably worse than the Sandy Hook Massacre in its diabolical killing of innocent children, at least by number of young victims, and probably also in the killers meticulous cold-blooded plan.
    After the bombs exploded killing the children the man drove his car up to the school and called the school superintendent over from the rescue group. He then detonated a bomb in his car which killed himself and the shrapnel he had planted in the car killed the school superintendent and a few bystanders.
    3) However since no one was killed by a gun, and it occurred before most people today
    were born, it is something the anti-gun people are likely not to even consider. It is important though, because it makes the point that one can find a way to carry out a deadly scheme no matter what constraints are put out there. Think Oklahoma City and if you are well connected with a countries spy agencies, a radio-active poison.
    4) Ask the gun banning people whose guns do they think must be taken away. They will likely say everyone’s, since guns can be stolen, just as may have happened at Sandy Hook. However since guns can be stolen then they must be removed from police and from the military, which even anti gun people will likely be against.
    Then ask the gun banning people who will take away, and keep away, the guns from the criminals. They will likely answer the government. Then ask them how many years must we wait to take drugs out of the grammar schools. Tell them to concentrate on cleaning drugs out of the grammar schools for at least five years straight, before the government, and the anti gun people can begin to gain any creditability in controlling anything.
    But taking drugs out of children’s mouths is a simple task compared to taking guns away from adult and teen-age criminals who will kill you without thinking about it. That is why many of us want the ability to protect our families even though we will call 9-1-1. In the mean time we will be prepared to act, fortified by a firearm, until other help may eventually arrive.

  14. I’ve beginning to see some difference when what I heard from government controlled media. They said someone was in the car with Adam and he drove away… Then they said someone ran out into the woods saying the suspect ran out the back… Just those two just makes me wonder what was really going on.

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