The Man Has No Shame

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Obama campaign selling ‘birther’ T-shirts
By Jordan Fabian – The Hill – May 18, 2011
President Obama’s campaign team is trying to capitalize on claims that he was not born in the United States.
His campaign is now selling T-shirts emblazoned with his face above the slogan “Made in the U.S.A.” On the back is an image of his birth certificate. The fundraising pitch says the shirt is a “limited-edition” item.
Obama released his long-form birth certificate last month to prove he was born in Hawaii after billionaire businessman Donald Trump cast doubt on the authenticity of the his birth certificate.
H/t beloved fellow Tina.
UpDate.. It was reported that the book was pulled. Not so.

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0 responses to “The Man Has No Shame

  1. Mad Angel is on FB


  2. Steve,thankyou for giving me a positive take! lol.. you are right.

  3. Great point! Might as well paint a big sign on their backs:

  4. Steve frankly I think a BIG RED LETTER A for “ass” should be tattooed to their forheads.

  5. Mad Angel is on FB

    Steve… and others….you might have some fun with this…..

  6. he also has coffee mugs with his picture and fake birth certificate and the saying made in the USA . obama is pure scum the lowest of the low in the history of americas politicians.

  7. Can we sue him and the designers for false advertisement?

  8. Mad Angel is on FB

    He needs to be indicted….(not impeached)
    Impeachment won’t erase all of the fraud he’s perpetrated….indictment will!

  9. Mad Angel is on FB

    YES ..I read the entire thing, and this was my response when I posted it to my wall:
    Marxists liking to mock their enemies is no guarantee folk will buy Obama’s silly coffee mugs. There are too many out there worried they won’t be able to come up with the scratch for the coffee to pour into them.
    Ironically I ordered my electronic copy 2 weeks before it posted on my kindle..( I had to remember to turn it on on the 17th) FROM WND

  10. “Made in the USA”….GAG!!!
    I will straight up laugh at anyone’s face if I see them wearing this t-shirt 🙂

  11. Mad Angel is on FB

    YES…I think “gotten to’ just may be the case….after all the “BC” was released just about when the book was due to be released

  12. Mad Angel is on FB

    which explains why all I know of esquire is that it’s something the brits call lawyers….just kidding I’ve heard of the magazine…just never read it…is that what I posted?? …nope it’s a Judi McLeod piece….she’s pretty prolific writer but sometimes I compare her to Laura Flanders (gag)
    Anyway it takes all kinds…and they’re usually on Obama’s payroll 😛
    the last I heard Esquire was a men’s magazine….Obummer probably gets his suits there 😉

  13. Mad Angel is on FB

    on another note…(and I hope it’s not just a ploy to sell his or his friends books because I have a lot of respect for this author but….)
    Don Frederick (author of Obama Timeline….I have that book in paperback) just said on another post
    Don’t waste your money on Jerome Corsi’s Where’s the Birth Certificate? I just finished reading it (via a Kindle download) and found virtually nothing in it that has not already been written in volumes I or II of The Obama Timeline – except for the name of an Obama babysitter in early 1962 and the names of a few courses taken by his mother at the University of Washington.
    I wish I could say that Corsi included a smoking gun but he does not. Of course, if he did have some startling evidence that would lead to the ouster of the thug-in-chief and had kept it secret until the publication of his book he would be a traitor – so I did not expect to learn anything earth-shattering.
    If I were to recommend books, they would be Jack Cashill’s Deconstructing Obama, Pamela Geller’s The Post-American Presidency, and my own The Obama Timeline. Read those three and that is all you need to know about the current temporary occupant of our Oval Office.
    Again, one man’s opinion… for what it’s worth.
    Don Fredrick

  14. Mad Angel is on FB

    Ah man!…you guys deleted the comment about how “tiresome” this was getting….I had a comeback all ready for him …. LOL

    • Mad A,
      Steve and I were separately working on duplicate posts on the White House attacking Corsi’s book. So, we pulled his post and co-signed the post that remains. The “tiresome” comment was probably on the pulled post. It wasn’t intentionally deleted.

  15. Mad Angel is on FB

    yeah I did notice the similarities …… oh well I guess I’ll save my “can’t even type ‘god’ ” for another time 😉

  16. Thomas Morato

    Will the t-shirts be “scratch-n-sniff” I wonder? If so, the stench of dog crap will be so overwhelming it will require a warning label.
    Then again, to those purchasing (donating to his campaign)… forget the warning label.

  17. Thomas Morato

    lol… Just found these on another board…
    NEW UPDATED LIST!!!! —- —– —-
    All GREAT shirt ideas below……………..
    Do you think they’ll make shirts saying, “We love cop killers”?
    Perhaps he can get a shirt made saying, “Its not about me”?
    I know we can make a shirt saying, “The police acted stupidly”.
    Here’s a good one for a shirt, “My grandmother was a typical white person”!
    ..or this shirt idea, “I have been punished with a baby”.
    I really like this one, “The Chicago Olympics, the games that we lost”.
    Here’s a good shirt idea, “Bill Ayars, just a guy in the neighborhood”.
    I like this shirt idea, “Rev Wright, I’ve known him for twenty years”.
    Here’s a good shirt idea, “I’m not a birther, but I do believe MSNBC is real news”.
    I like this shirt idea, “Michelle, proud American, for the first time”.
    Here’s a shirt idea, “Special needs children, something for my president to laugh about”.
    Here’s a good shirt idea, “Missing – Keith Olbermann, If found please don’t tell anyone”.
    I like this shirt idea, “America, where the most inexperienced can become president”.
    I like idea for a shirt for the progressives, “America, If you can’t change her, destroy her”.
    Here’s a great shirt idea for the president himself, “I’m better than Bush! I have three wars, he only had two”.
    Here’s a good shirt idea, “Join the Navy and become a corpse-man while seeing all 57 states.”
    Here’s a nice shirt idea, “What America really needs are more Choo Choo trains”.
    Here’s a shirt idea, “Sssh, don’t tell anyone that we kept all the Bush policies”.
    You’ve got to love this shirt idea, “Silly Americans, Clinging to guns and religion”.
    Here’s a good shirt idea, “SAVE the PLANET – Ban light bulbs!”
    I like this shirt idea, “The VOLT runs on electricity and heats your garage too”.
    Here’s a great shirt idea, “Obamacare a GREAT plan …..for other people”.
    Here’s a shirt with White House approval, “If you don’t agree with me, YOU’RE A RACIST”.
    I like this progressive shirt idea, “Sssh, we’re the real racists”.
    Here’s a good shirt idea, “Affirmative Action – It works, even for presidents”.
    Here’s a good shirt idea, “Children – Please eat your broccoli, before you grab a smoke”.
    I think this shirt will sell well, “Only in America can the Marlboro Man become president”.
    I like this shirt idea, “Botched abortion babies, no problem, just put’em in the soiled utility room”
    Here’s a great shirt idea, “Planned Parenthood or government sponsored African American genocide”?
    I really like this shirt idea, “Food Stamps, 1 in 6 Americans can’t be wrong”!
    Here’s a nice shirt for the president, “On vacation, be back next campaign season”.


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