Tom Steyer: The man behind the $20M impeach Trump campaign and his strange 'walnut sauce' email

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Just days before the 2016 presidential election, WikiLeaks published a collection of emails sent by and to John Podesta, a longtime Democratic Party operative who was White House chief of staff in Bill Clinton’s administration, White House counselor in the Obama administration and, most recently, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.
Thanks to a tip on Voat, a hitherto obscure Podesta email takes on new significance because among its recipients is the man who is funding a $20 million national impeachment campaign against President Trump.
Below is a screenshot of the email, published by WikiLeaks (click to enlarge):

The “walnut sauce” email senders/recipients are:

(1) Tom Steyer, 60, the cc recipient of the above email, is the billionaire Democrat who has launched a $20 million national campaign to impeach President Trump. In a televised video that you may have seen, Steyer calls President Trump “a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons,” who has taken the U.S. “to the brink of nuclear war” and obstructed justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey, among other charges. (See “Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer launches multi-million$ media campaign to impeach President Trump“)
Steyer’s impeachment campaign is doomed to failure because:

  • The Republican Party has a majority in both houses of Congress.
  • Even Democratic congressional leaders have shown no interest in impeaching Trump.
  • President Trump has neither committed nor been convicted of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors” — the grounds for impeachment as specified in Section 4 of Article Two of the United States Constitution.

Tom Steyer is also connected to Fusion GPS, the DC-based opposition research firm hired by Hillary Clinton and the DHS during the 2016 presidential campaign to find “dirt” on Donald Trump.
Steyer is said to be considering running for political office. In August 2015, he launched the Fair Shake Commission on Income Inequality and Middle Class Opportunity, purportedly an implicit announcement of candidacy for the 2018 California gubernatorial race. (Lots more on Steyer, the “green” or environmental hypocrite, here.)

(2) Jim Steyer, 61, the sender of the cryptic “walnut sauce” email, is the older brother of Tom Steyer. A child advocate, civil rights attorney, Stanford University professor and author, Jim Steyer is most known for founding Common Sense Media, an organization dedicated to improving media and entertainment lives for kids and families. (Wikipedia)
(3) John Podesta thought the cryptic “walnut sauce” email to be important enough as to forward it to his assistant, Eryn Sepp.
Seriously, why would very powerful and very busy men like Tom Steyer, Jim Steyer and John Podesta prattle on in email about “walnut sauce on pasta” and whether the “walnut sauce is very tasty”?
It is said that “walnut” is a pedophile code-word for a person of color, and “sauce” is a pedophile code-word for orgy. For more on these code-words, see “Pizzagate: The Podesta ‘pizza’ emails”.
In a comment, a reader suggests another meaning for “walnut sauce”:

As you can see below, the human adrenal gland does resemble a walnut.
adrenal gland and walnut

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0 responses to “Tom Steyer: The man behind the $20M impeach Trump campaign and his strange 'walnut sauce' email

  1. Hey no doubt in this mind that Podesta is a perv, but you think sometimes a banana is just a banana ? Here ya go – pasta with Walnut sauce.

    • Do you really think very busy male professionals would write each other emails about “pasta,” “tasty sauce” and the very quaint “walnut sauce”?

      • I dont!

      • Yes that occurred to me too- busy men talking about what they ate for dinner. Tell then…have you any guesses as to the real meaning of walnut sauce? I thought pizza, hamburger, and hot dogs would have about covered all their perverted predilections.
        And Lophatt you have no argument from me about their boastfulness in their evil. I guess for the life of me, besides doing the actual evil they do, to sit around and dream up a dictionary of deviant code language is beyond me. It appears that if these “busy men” have the time to fulfill their evil sexual appetites, sit around and make up vocabulary for these actions, then truly they are not as busy as we would presume and therefore DO have time to talk about the previous nights dinner! Seriously, If we are to look at Podesta’s boss Hillary, she was never so busy with work that she couldn’t find time to fly to Lolita Island, help child traffickers cover their crimes in Haiti, pimp for money for the Clinton foundation and more, so why should we think that anyone else in Washington is truly busy with real business? Seems to me there is a hell of a lot more boozing, sexing and eating at fine restaurants by all these bastards than any real work.

        • “Tell then…have you any guesses as to the real meaning of walnut sauce?”
          Click the embedded “walnut sauce” link. Scroll down to bottom of post for meaning of code words.

          • Also, please see my comment (below).

            • UGH! OK, I see you are both right. Not that I doubted it was probable, it’s just that even though I was well aware of their satanic activities, seeing this is, as you alluded to Lophatt, is like being drug into their Hell realm. They really are trying to bring that Hellish dimension right here on to God’s Earth. It is like they are demons incarnate…..all they can think and talk about are their depravities. Seriously, I used to be able to take quite a bit of looking into the dark that is going on on the planet, but it is getting harder and harder for me.

              • They are demons from hell. Most of them are satanist’s who sexually abuse & sacrifice children. They also drink their adrenalized blood & harvest their organs. Many of our politicians are involved in this sick twisted behavior. The FBI released all of those code words a long time ago which explained what each meant. Hillary is highly involved in this too. Sorry to be so blunt but it’s the cold hard truth!

        • It’s Lolita express and orgy island.

        • If you would get into any if the links here and then plentiful videos on YouTube, walnut sauce is colored children orgy. Sauce is orgy, walnuts are black children. There is among the published pics one of marina abramovic with black young men standing around nearly naked as if for decoration.
          The Hollywood naked women cake party has young people with their heads through dining tables as if for decoration.

      • To be clear… MEN… would not. I agree. However these aren’t men. These are effeminate beta males… and the behavior of effeminate beta males differs significantly from actual men. Effeminate beta males tend to behave more like adolescent boys… so I could honestly see them bantering back and forth about such silly things. Regardless…. I do still think Podesta is a pedophile.

      • NO. And, being a middle school teacher, which includes teaching goofy little pubescent boys with all their immature “jokes,” I can hazard a guess in a heartbeat about what the “walnuts” are, and what the “sauce” is in this little exchange.

    • “Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana. They might scream banana, banana, banana, over and over and over again. They might put banana in all caps. You might even start to believe that this is a banana. But it’s not. This is an apple.”

    • Lana, I do not think it is anything OTHER than them patting themselves on the back for being deviants. They are proud of their “achievements”.

  2. The “walnut sauce” comment is alleged to relate to black or brown children related to pedophilia. I do not for one minute think that it is anything BUT a coded communication between perverts.
    Those Wikileaks emails provided a treasure trove of information about a huge nest of perverts at the highest levels of government. While I was not surprised by that, per se, some of the ancillary information, i.e., “art” and their underground Satanic scene was unknown to me.
    Whenever I look into this I’m reminded of Dante’s vision of Hell. It is as if Satan himself is looking down on these characters all caught in his death dance. Their ultimate goal is to drag us down with them.

  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged n kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    It is really about the “secret sauce” which is called the “walnut sauce” which is a code word as they are passing the recipe around.
    Or since walnut sauce is a topping – maybe they are trying to get together with each other since Podesta sent it to his assistant, Sepp. Or maybe since the one guy works with kids, oops – better stop there – will let you finish the sentence.
    The only thing that bothers me is the fact they work with families with kids?
    Is he talkin’ about Podesta, Hillary, and Pizzagate? Maybe?
    Well, we will leave it up to the FBI – minus Comey – since they have the keys to the car.
    Hey, what a game

  4. Steyer must think himself so clever and is so proud of himself. He has been going after the President for quite some time. He is an Obama guy and I think his daughter used to work for him. There was something out there a few years ago.
    He can try and mask his crimes all he wants, but he isn’t the final judge.

  5. I can understand Podesta’s forwarding to an assistant (“Hey, send a quick response for me”) but WHY would he copy such a mundane email to his brother unless it was not, indeed, mundane?

  6. It may be hard for some to see the world these creatures inhabit. It is all about “importance” and “importance” is acquired through “connections”. These emails, and who is on the string, is “important” to them. It is acknowledgement that the recipient “has arrived”, is “playing in the big leagues”, is one of the “Kool Kidz”.
    There isn’t enough money or fame in the world to make me want to associate with this crowd. But, having said that, I’ve spent a lot of time in the D.C. area and the people who gravitate to that lifestyle LIVE this stuff.
    Just like film stars in Hollyweird go to galas to be recognized, these pukes go to spirit cooking Satanic feasts with deviants. I can assure you that, if you asked any of them straight up “are you a Satanis?”, or “are you a pedophile?” they would laugh at you. It’s part of the game.
    But, for those that have a hard time believing this, go ahead, refuse to believe it. You may sleep better at night, but I can assure you it continues to happen.

  7. In the hundreds of emails from Podesta, et al, were many similar to this. Some of these were addressed or copied to “movers and shakers” in government and business. The discussions sounded mundane. There was one I recall thanking Podesta for “cheese-pizza” and a long narrative about how much their grandkids enjoyed it, etc..
    There is no way that anyone reading that would think it was simply what it seemed on the surface. It made no sense and people do not talk like that. Things like “playing dominoes on pasta or cheese pizza” are not normal conversational topics.
    There seem to be three primary groups when it comes to this. There are those that believe these things happen. There are those that seem to be constantly looking for ways to dismiss what is obvious in order to lessen the impact to them personally of what they perceive. And finally, there are those who categorically refuse to believe that people engage in this behavior even with the mountain of evidence that they do.
    Frankly, once a person realized how monstrous this is, why they would want to soft-sell future revelations about it is a mystery. I suppose it is possible to know one of these mutts without being an active participant. I doubt that it is possible to know one in any depth without knowing what they’re about.
    I have gathered (and I believe it true) from my reading that, if you come to know one of these characters, and they accept you for whatever reason, you will end up in a compromising situation, like it or not. All of them have “the goods” on each other and that is part of the game.

  8. The septic tank is being drained, so all these ‘turds’ will be disposed of soon.

  9. Give thanks to God that DJT won the election in spite of great attempts on the part of his and His enemy to prevent that victory. Keep thanking and praying every day, not just around Thanksgiving. The battle will continue after we are gone.

  10. No wonder these psychos went berserk when Donald Trump won. They thought Hillary had it in the bag, and none of this would ever be investigated. What I would love to see is the expression of sheer panic on their faces when these Wikileaks were released and people began to put two and two together and discover the vile deeds these monsters are guilty of. They are truly consumed with evil! Like Mark Taylor says, their demons started coming out and they couldn’t keep them in check anymore. That’s why they are constantly being triggered and acting out like they do.

    • Remember what she said about Trump getting elected and that they’d all hang? They really cannot afford to just shut up and be respectful. If there is a break from all of the artificial hoopla, people might start to look at them.
      So while they’re screaming “Trump,Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia” all day, every day, we should be screaming “Pedophiles, deviants, liars”. The endgame here is to drive two “sides” into opposing camps. In that way they think they can control the dialog.
      Trump’s new press secretary seems pretty effective. We should all mimic her skills. She doesn’t let them lead her into a box. All she has to do is to tell the truth. It drives them nuts.

    • Now you hit the nail on the head!

  11. Always enjoy your contributions lophatt, thx. (clicking like just wasn’t enough)

  12. I think that the president has many, many victories so far. He would have many more if he had a congress that was not in the other party.

  13. No weapon formed against Trump shall prosper. (Isaiah 54:17) Trump curse has been activated. Impending doom for Mr. Jim “Walnut sauce” Steyer. Soon God, soon!

  14. According to, “walnut sauce” is ejaculate… semen. Re-read the e-mail given that context and it fits right into the rest of the perverted pattern.

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  17. Jim Steyer, Tom’s brother is behind Senator Pan’s SB18 bill, the all California’s children belong to us bill. Please read the wording on this bill if you have not already. It has been withdrawn due to the outcry activist groups but Jim Steyer’s organisation is still trying to recruit parents to get behind this heineous set of. ideas. I used to be liberal but people like the Steyer brothers, Senator Pan, Meryl Streep, Oprah, Obama and their egotistical ideas that they know better about everything, and have the right to lecture We the People have made me leave the fold. It feels a bit sinister here in California, with the legalization of child prostitution, the removal of people from sex offender lists , and the weird fires and ongoing drought.

    • That is truly frightening. You are absolutely correct in what you say. Due to their celebrity and influence they can simply write legislation that strips parents of their most fundamental rights. Why? Because The Plan depends on indoctrination and the elimination of Christianity and normative Western Tradition.

  18. Yes, I imagine they would have their own ideas about what “The right to form healthy attachments with adult caregivers” consists of. Can you imagine the hubris that demands that all parents confirm to “evidence based “ standards of parenting, to be decided by a select group of Senate and Assembly members?

  19. I just found this site.. great work. One of the recent theories is that walnut means adrenal gland, and sauce is adrenochrome. Makes sense, as sickening as it is.


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