The Man Behind Global Warming Scam

Maurice “Dr. No” Strong

No, it’s not Al Gore.
Fat Al is merely the front man. The evil wizard behind the curtains is a Canadian billionaire named Maurice Strong.
Like you, I’ve never heard of this guy either, until only recently. First, I read that Strong, 81, is the Canadian equivalent of international financier currency speculator and supporter of Obama and the Left, George Soros. Now, in this investigative documentary by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura for Tru TV, we hear from a global warming skeptic, Lord Christopher Monckton, that Maurice Strong is the man behind the global Global Warming conspiracy.
Strong made his billions in oil and carbon trade-offs, which should be a tip-off that something ain’t right. He portrays himself as an “environmentalist” and a climate warmist, with deep roots in the United Nations, having been in leadership positions in a number of UN environment-related programs. He is also a proponent of a world government in the name of climate change.
Take a look at this video and judge for yourself!

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