The MADness of Barack Obama

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The hemorrhage of support continues.

          Anyone feel like buying a copy? Or several?

I haven’t read MAD magazine since I was a teenager, I just might buy my first copy in almost forty years if for no other reason than the cover.

Tom in NC

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12 responses to “The MADness of Barack Obama

  1. I wonder if they still have the fold in page on the back cover? Political satire for the unwashed and unhinged masses…loved it.

  2. I was a fan of MAD when I was in high school and college. I’m buying this issue!

  3. Whoa ! Did not even realize there was still a MAD magazine ! I will be looking for this issue, as well. Thanks for sharing ! : )

  4. I’m def buying one of these!

  5. Why is everybody obsessed with this man. The reason he’s on the cover’s because they want to sell their magazine. If anyone’s mad, the people who promote Obama like Mad Magazine, are guilty. But trying to get everyone else crazy too, that’s the horror of it allo.
    They’re mad for Barack Obama, like a moth circling around a light bult. BUT, he’s not the light, JESUS is the light, they are still worshipping the current president like a messiah. It makamecrazy.

    • Dennis H. Bennett

      Alice, I couldn’t agree more! Even the depth of his stupidity and incompetence are “news”. He uses the press like he uses his buses-solely to campaign under the guise being a leader. Of course, Muhammad was idolized in this way as well. I think he appeals to the unrefined’s animal savagery, where they somehow find his “boxing match” with the world fascinating on an id level. He is no brother of mine, not in faith, not in culture, and certainly not in patriotism.

  6. the story behind it,”kids this was the illegal muslim treasonous fraud that the DNC and Nancy Pelosi installed as President back in 2008.” “He thought he was going to get away with it,but he didn’t” “Yes,that’s exactly what he looked like.” End of story coming soon.

  7. Okay okay. Hopefully this is a prophetic cover, and MAD magazine is God’s way of giving us something to have a good Christmas Cheery moment~ The Lord does seem to work in mysterious ways, it always takes me by surprise. Sorry to not have enjoyed the cover very much initially. I will give it my best shot in a while. Ho Ho Ho.

  8. alfred e. neuman with brains of albumen….. hmmmm i wonder if mr. 57 states even has a brain seeing as all of his supposed academic records have
    been sealed away or more accurately if those who vote for the fraud in chief have brains or an iq higher then their shoe size… i think not

  9. Haven’t seen it for years. great magazine! In case I forget to call in on ye, a most happy and holy Christmas to ye all. greetings from Ireland hic!

  10. I hope Mad Magazine rips Obama a new one.
    Obama cannot have any magazine downplaying his Obama Myth.


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