The Lord's Prayer as You've Never Heard It Before! Sublime!

I received this from a Chinese brother in the Lord as a response to my little video of The Lords Prayer.    What a blessing!  ~LTG
This was the email message:
Peace be with you! Greetings from Hong Kong, China!
To share with you a beautiful and classic Chinese hymn sung in Putonghua – “The Lord’s Prayer” (Chinese Melody by Barbara Chen) (主禱文 – 陳之霞曲) with Hanyu Pinyin plus subtitles in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Sebian, Spanish, etc. All photos in this clip are taken along the “Silk Road” in China (including Dunhuang and Xinjiang). Ratings, comments, subscriptions, friend invites, video responses and translation contributions / postings / suggestions are most welcome! Many thanks!
Glory be to the Lord and blessings to you!
Oswald Li (88yp88yp)

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Dr. Eowyn

I read Chinese and can vouch for this being truly The Lord’s Prayer — translated into Chinese. May God bless and protect the millions of believers in the persecuted underground “house” Church in China!