The Lord’s Prayer

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Compiled photos of my garden and my mother’s yard next door.  She’s 84 and loves her yard.  I take care of the heavy work for her these days. As always, watch full screen. ~LTG

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7 responses to “The Lord’s Prayer

  1. Lovely!!! The plants all look so healthy. I’ve never seen pink begonias (?) so plump! They look like the sort of flora that should love the cool wet weather of the Northwest. 😀

    • lowtechgrannie

      It’s definitely been cool and wet this year. My landlord is thrilled because we’re far below last year’s water useage. We’re hoping for some sunny 80 degree weather. We’ve only had real summer weather for a couple of days this year. The wild sweet peas have ususally bloomed and been cut back by June and they haven’t even opened their buds yet. I’m hearing rain again through my open window right now.

  2. Thanks for sharing. You are blessed to have a 84 year old mother who can still attend her garden, I wish mine could. Best

  3. Beautiful. I am sure our Lord appreciates the prayer and the garden’s bounty. (:

  4. Very pretty, and the stacked turtles are adorable.

  5. LTG-your mom must be a very special lady,and bless you,you are too!!this is pretty.

  6. Sweet…love the turtles,too.All of my flowers bloomed at once because of the protracted cold spring…but summer is here and the scent of wild roses and clover is in the air ….thanks for sharing


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