The Long-Awaited Hitler Reaction to the 11-2 Tsunami!

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You know, you’ve been waitin’ for this! 😀

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0 responses to “The Long-Awaited Hitler Reaction to the 11-2 Tsunami!

  1. Man I still can’t get enough of that! Hey all have you notice how the lefties are eating each other up now, man talk about no honor amongst thieves. Everybody is pointing fingers at each other trying to place blame.

    • There was ever honor among left/liberals? When the ends… er, “social justice” justify the means for the “greater good” (and their own vanity)?

  2. You got that right Steve as I said over at Gio’s site we cannot sit on our laurels. The Dems and their lib cohorts will attempt to rally back, they are stunned for now so we need to come in for the finishing blow! We must and I say MUST continue to expose to America the left’s agenda, hold who we elected into congress accountable to their promises and continue to seek out and elect conservatives into DC.
    And IF we are able to do all of the above we must never let America forget about the words Progressives, Liberals or whatever name they will be calling themselves when they come out from under their rock to try and usurp this country.
    I think we all can accept the fact that even in victory this will be an ongoing fight. The left will never stop and neither will we.

  3. end affirmative action (a racist hate crime if there ever was one) now…
    but do you notice how obama and his administration still do not take responsibility for events and actions perpetrated by him and his minions.
    not only clueless but apparently mindless also….

  4. “Bush got C’s, Obama probably failed lunch.”
    BTW, what movie is this from? I have seen many over-dubs of this scene and want to watch the whole film.

  5. I love these Hitler parodies . I’ve seen about 15 of them and this is one of the best. “Bush got C’s, Obama probably failed lunch.” ROTFLMFAO.

  6. This is so funny!!! I love it! This is hysterical! I thought I had seen this scene somewhere though. I HAVE to watch that movie again. I wonder if the Indians and Indonesians will be able to watch this too? Does anyone have an email address for someone over there? Thanks for posting this video!!

  7. Steve,
    Hey thanks! I will do that tonight. Can’t wait. Have a good one!


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