The Little Boy Who Could

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Attitude is Everything.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful smile than this one? 

The next time you’re in a bad mood…maybe you need to remember this one.

Your attitude toward life defines not only who you are, but the quality of life you will have.

Anything bugging you today? Doesn’t seem so bad anymore, does it?
A big h/t to most beloved fellow Tina.

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0 responses to “The Little Boy Who Could

  1. Thanks Tina and Eowyn! This was exactly what I needed today! What a little sweetheart!

  2. Precious, precious child!! God bless him.

  3. I have seen this before and he does have a beautiful smile. About the only thing bugging me is a certain atheist that I have to stop communicating with. The Lord just revealed to me that I am to stop witnessing to her and leave her completely be.
    She will not change her mind and the Lord won’t mess with her will. It bugs me that she is so lost and she laughs about it. I just told her that I hope she is still laughing when the truth is out and she comes face to face with her Creator…that she is laughing then. God help the non-believers. It breaks my heart so!

  4. Dammit Eowyn,
    I am going to have to start charging you by the tear.
    What an awesome story!

  5. Just precious!

  6. Wow,What a champion,HE STOLE MY HEART He gives his all pulls out all the stops. Thank you God for this special precious little Boy,keep him safe and healthy, Young man youre an inspiration to everyone who witnesses this video keep it up youre my hero Im saving this for when Im trying to walk,I know how very hard it is,because of you Im not going to give up,lots of love in Christ to you,


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