The less than 1%….

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…who give their all.

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0 responses to “The less than 1%….

  1. This is sooooooo true! God Bless them all.

  2. Outstanding! I don’t see Ms. I-left-my-family-to-go-to-the-protest doing anything like this? (You know, like ACTUALLY being in the military… )

  3. Yup, sometimes… I hear you.

  4. God Bless them ALL! .. they may only make up less than 1%…
    But their dedication and service to this country is over 100%!
    We need to remember them everyday in our prayers and “Thank” them if we meet them while ‘out and about’!
    Thanks DCG! 😉

    • GF – Oh I agree, they are indeed! And what I have noticed about most of them is how humble they feel when ‘thanked’, or they will look at you w/that, surprised face and shyly reply …which leads me to believe they don’t get alot of that. 🙁 Which is why we should do it more often! 😉 Every now and then, they are so moved and they give you a short summary of their experience… They are our country’s finest, & bravest and I am so PROUD of them all! 🙂


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