The Lemonade NAZIs

Over the weekend I was kicking around the idea of posting something on the recent spate of out-of-control, tyrannical local governments going after America’s entrepreneurial youths and shutting down their lemonade stands and such.
In the course of researching it, I ran across a piece that covers it perfectly.
It ran in American Thinker last week, and was written by Anthony W. Hager:

The United States is a nation of cultural icons. Some places, symbols, and activities shout “America” with the voice of three hundred million citizens: the Statue of Liberty, Yankee Stadium, an Independence Day cookout. High on the list of those iconic symbols is the front yard lemonade stand. It represents the essence of budding entrepreneurialism and self-reliance.

Only the heartless can deny the joy of buying a lukewarm glass of “ice-cold” lemonade from an enterprising youth. The lemonade stand, and similar entrepreneurial adolescent pursuits, is the stuff of Americana, pure Norman Rockwell. Not only are the young shopkeepers cute, but they’re participating in an activity as old as mankind. The lemonade stand proprietor has entered the world of capitalism, where merchant and customer voluntarily exchange items of value. Tragically, the child’s lemonade stand, like capitalism, finds itself increasingly in the State’s regulatory crosshairs.

Governments are targeting neighborhood lemonade stands throughout the land of the free. The reasons behind these “lemonade raids” are similar no matter their location. Young businessmen and businesswomen, like their mature counterparts, are running afoul of local codes and health ordinances, lacking required permits and licenses, or tripping over bureaucratic red tape. When even the childhood entrepreneur can’t escape the overbearing and burdensome tentacles of government’s regulatory octopus, what chance has the adult?

You can read the entire excellent piece here.
For many years now, I have had the sense that we were slowly losing the America we were all born into and brought up in. In recent years, it seems that process has only accelerated. Now it seems things are deteriorating exponentially.
What I find so maddeningly frustrating is just how many of my fellow citizens are apparently oblivious to what is happening to their very own country.  It has gotten to the point where I literally dread the 4th of July rolling around. The very sight of the American Idol-watching, People Magazine-reading dumbMasses coming out, waving their little American flags, and slapping each other on the back while talking about how free we are makes me want to puke.
I find myself having to resist the urge to drive down Main Street just ahead of the parade and scream, “WAKE UP, YOU FOOLS!” out the window. I also want to do the same thing at fireworks shows – in the places that haven’t yet outlawed them.
If the people of this country do not soon pull their heads out of their bums, start paying attention and resist what over-reaching governments are now doing all over America, we are going to all wake up one morning in a country we are not going to recognize.
By then it will be too late.

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Yes. Things just aren’t as they were when I grew up; i.e. lemonade stands, etc… And those who push this kind of agenda must find it awful hard to breathe w/their heads up their arses like that…lol…


Things are toally messed up…and it may be too late 🙁
I was looking on Seattle website and ran across getting a permit to be a street (food) vendor. Along with the permit you need 9 other documents, including fire permit, health permit, business license, etc. etc. Good grief…


AmeriKKKa, bad; Socialism, good… left/liberal thought (charitably put) made simple.