The left’s narrative vs. facts about gun control laws and mass shootings

While the left scream about “gun control,” “assault weapons ban,” “ban high-capacity magazines” and “red flag laws” in an attempt to end gun violence, their “truth” about gun control laws and mass shooting doesn’t align with the facts.

Libtards’ narrative: To scare people into believing we need gun control now, the Washington Post published the following list of the names of mass shooting victims:

The total number of victims on the list is 1,196 during the past 54 years. That averages out to 22 victims per year.

The fact: Statistically, one’s chance of ending up a victim of mass shooting is much lower than getting in a car accident. The numbers are also much, much lower than the total number of babies killed by abortions or opioid deaths.

Libtards’ narrative: Yesterday, Shannon Watts (Bloomberg’s gun control parrot) tweeted the following about how Colorado prevented another mass shooting with their background check law:

“A Boulder white supremacist was stopped from buying a gun because a background check determined he was a prohibited purchaser. After Columbine, Colorado began requiring background checks at gun shows. In 2013, it required them on online gun sales, too.”

The fact: The man attempted to buy from a FFL. All sales by licensed dealers in all states require background checks. Colorado’s universal background check law had no bearing on this case. Read about Colorado’s background check laws – and their minimal impact here.

Libtards’ narrative: #GunControlNow! It’s for the children! #GunControlNow! Enough is enough! #GunControlNow! Ban weapons of war! #GunControlNow!

Fact: You can never make enough laws to guarantee good behavior from people who are willing to break the law. See the following:

2 Dead, at Least 41 Wounded in Weekend Shootings Across Chicago (Final weekend numbers: 4 killed, 43 shot in Chiraq)
This is Chiraq: 8 killed, 40 wounded during another weekend of violence
This is Chiraq: 43 shot (2 killed) during weekend violence
This is Chiraq: 45 shot – 4 fatally – during weekend violence
After most deadly weekend of violence this year, Chiraq still racking up the shootings
Gun control, Chiraq style: 44 shot – 8 fatally – since Friday night

If the gun control laws on record already worked, then why do the left need to produce false/misleading narratives? We all know the answer to that:


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1 year ago

Gun control or People control? If there wasn’t a finger behind the trigger the gun would have never fired.

1 year ago
Reply to  Alma

Andrew Coumo claims it is the trigger that causes it. Perhaps Andrew has his finger up his own ass…

Jackie Puppet
1 year ago

And the dumbasses in state/Chicago politics never bring up what this former gangbanger did, instead, wanting to believe and insisting the weapons used came from Indiana gun shows – because narrative.

Steven Broiles
1 year ago

If leftists were merely stupid, they could be excused. But as many of them have enough intelligence for other things, I can only conclude they are dishonest, that dishonesty coming from the motive of comfort. Many leftists, you see, like to live in a cocoon. They want everything, like Goldilocks, to be just right. So a mass shooting is just what the deep state ordered! These events force them to deal with their cognitive dissonance—often unsuccessfully, so they project their wish fulfillment unto political activism. They do this because they are anally fixated: They withhold their approval from anyone who… Read more »

Minnie Mcguire
Minnie Mcguire
1 year ago

1196 in 54 years. Chicago shot 1878 in 2018 alone.