The Left Sinks Even Lower

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I wonder if he is still smiling?


Have You Bought Your ‘Abornament’ Yet?

By Matt Vespa | December 20, 2012 | 15:55

Yes, abortion rights activists have reached a new level of depravity. Apparently, as everyone indulges in the holiday spirit, the pro-choice camp decided to create abortion ornaments – or ‘abornaments’ – to be part of the commemoration of the birth of Christ. The fact that pro-choice Americans threw this in the face of those who practice religion, or hold pro-life beliefs, is offensive in the extreme. Steven Ertelt of LifeNews wrote on December 19:

The pro-life group Life Dynamics has been highlighting so-called “Abornaments” that pro-abortion activists are promoting. They are sharing the images of the sacrilegious ornaments on the popular image sharing web site Pinterest.
Most of the so-called Christmas ornaments pictured involve the manipulation and desecration of plastic fetal models depicting unborn children at various stage of development before birth.
“It’s that time of year again for ABORNAMENTS! Every year, the pro-choice community celebrates abortion at Christmas by selling Abornaments Anyone disgusted? We are,” the pro-life group says. “What were they thinking?”

That’s a good question.


I do not even have the words.

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0 responses to “The Left Sinks Even Lower

  1. Some choice words crossed my mind, but these people are not worth acknowledging. Depraved and inhuman are the only two I can repeat.

    • lindarm,
      I had all sorts of choice words, too, but I wasn’t interested in Doc E banishing me to Siberia.

  2. They are sick in the head!

  3. Freakin sick!

  4. I see the humor in it!

    • Well, I definitely see the humor in it if YOU are one of the aborted fetus-ornaments, you sick soul-less man in Cordoba, Mexico.

    • So you find ripping the limbs off of unborn human children and sucking their brain out through their skull somehow humorous?
      I’ll just bet you torture newborn puppies for fun, too.

  5. More than sick, this is demonic, Satanic, pure evil. More evidence that pro-aborts hate God and hate Life. See also:
    “Abortion sickos: If only May had aborted Jesus”
    “Leading abortionist says killing unborn is ‘extremely gratifying'”
    “China makes ‘medicinal’ pills from aborted babies”

  6. Thank you for sounding the alarm, Dr. Eowyn,
    The last time I saw artwork as abhorrent as this was a few years ago in art galleries in Provincetown, Massachusetts. My wife and I took a day trip to this quaint historic town. We knew it was a center for alternate lifestyles. What we did not expect was the amount of artwork that was grotesque and demonic. There was even an outdoor mural depicting human sacrifice.
    It seems that our enemies are emboldened to shed the veneer of civility, and display what lurks beneath.
    ~ TD

  7. Left/liberals take advantage of their own moral relativism in order to be sick dementos… next thing’ll be preserved fetus tissue, watch.

  8. Remember how the Abortion-pimps were the centerpiece of the Democratic Convention in Charlotte this year? I expect these items are for sale in the White House Gift Shop.

  9. Isaiah 59:7-8
    King James Version (KJV)
    7 Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths.
    8 The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.
    Come, Lord Jesus, please come. . .

  10. Thank you Dave for this incredible post bringing to light this horrible abomination and desecration of God and his Innocents. Really, there are no words that can describe such evil, but we know this kind of sin is motivated by Satan and his demons. If anyone finds humor in this then they are indeed demonic.

  11. So where is the website where these things appear?

  12. From
    abornaments’ Shop Announcement
    It has come to our attention that, despite the fact that we have not made or sold any abornaments in over two years, certain groups have chosen to retroactively draw attention to our little shop here on Etsy. So guess what, P-lifes? You win. Since you want so badly to talk about us, we will make more.
    But chances are they won’t be available until after x-mas. Sit tight.
    Alana says: I don’t know who started this, but it may well have been Etsy itself.


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