Socialist Calls Glenn Beck Racist

A big h/t to FellowshipOfMinds member Doc’s Wife!

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For all their vaulting self-regard, the Left really are severely limited in imagination and creativity. Like a broken record stuck in a groove, the Left just keep repeating their tired old refrain: When in doubt or not, rain or shine, always always scapegoat conservatives as racists!
Full of pride, the Left are blind to the fact that their scapegoating is really a sign of weakness. For only those who cannot debate on substance resort to name calling their political opponents.
Leftist trolls who wander into the FellowshipOfMinds do that. So do the socialist intellectual elite. Frances Fox Piven — she of the eponymous Cloward-Piven Strategy — is the latest example. 
The strategy is named after a Marxist husband-wife pair — Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven who first proposed their conspiratorial idea in a May 1966 article, with a typically left-wing utopian subtitle “A Strategy to End Poverty,” in The Nation magazine. The goal is to overthrow capitalism by overwhelming the government bureaucracy with entitlement demands. The created crisis provides the impetus to bring about radical political change, transforming capitalism into a socialist system of “guaranteed annual income” for all.
Fox’s Glenn Beck has extensively covered the insidious Cloward-Piven Strategy. He reminds skeptics that the strategy really works. Just ask the leaders of New York City, where the mass rush for welfare benefits bankrupted the city in the 1970s.
No one has asked Frances Piven’s opinion about Beck’s exposure of the strategy. Until now. 
As recounted by Kyle Olson of BigGovernment, Piven first dismisses Beck’s opinion as “silly,” then this evil woman reaches for the tired old all-purpose  trope of racism:

“it’s an old technique of right-wing ideologues – finding a scapegoat, somebody preferably who is not a farmer…and attributing things that go wrong in American society to somebody who’s foreign or dark skinned or an intellectual.”

Here she is, in all her leftist glory. (Why do leftist women all look the same? The streets of Berkeley are filled with Piven lookalikes, I kid you not.) Pay special attention beginning at the 2:00 mark.

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10 years ago

The race card is the only thing the freedom-hating commies like Piven have left.

10 years ago

LOL – That is the first thought that came to my mind.