The Left continue to hound Colorado Christian baker Jack Phillips

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Originally published on August 21, 2018 on Blogger.

Christian Baker Jack Phillips

The Left hound Christian baker Jack Phillips for declining to bake a custom-ordered cake for a homosexual couple, claiming that the baker engaged in sex discrimination, although a privately-owned enterprise presumably has the right to deny service to a customer.

But the same Left have no problems with privately-owned businesses such as WordPress, Facebook and Twitter discriminate against conservatives and Christians by banning, censoring, and “suspending” their accounts. See:

On June 4, 2018, the Supreme Court ruled 7:2 in favor of Jack Phillips, the Christian owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado who had declined to create a custom wedding cake for homosexual couple David Mullins and Charlie Craig, by concluding that a state agency, Colorado Civil Rights Commission, discriminated against Phillips by not applying anti-discrimination law in a neutral manner. (The Daily Caller)

Sadly, Phillips’ sense of relief was woefully short-lived because the Left have redoubled their harassment and attack:

(1) On the very day that the Supreme Court agreed to review Phillips’ case, an attorney named Autumn Scardina called Masterpiece Cakeshop to ask Phillips create a custom cake celebrating his “transgender” sex transition. Scardina specified that the cake must have a blue exterior and a pink interior, a reflection of Scardina’s transgender identity. Phillips declined to create the cake, given his religious conviction that gender is immutable, and offered instead to sell Scardina other pre-made baked goods.

(2) In the months that followed,the bakery received requests for cakes featuring marijuana use, sexually explicit messages, Satanic symbols, and a three-tiered white cake depicting Satan licking a functional 9-inch dildo. Phillips believes Scardina made all these requests.

(3) Scardina filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC), alleging discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Three weeks after the June 5 Supreme Court ruling in favor of Phillips, CCRC issued a probable cause determination, finding there was sufficient evidence to support Scardina’s claim of discrimination and that Phillips is, once again, in violation of state law.

On August 14, 2018, Phillips filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, accusing the Commission of violating his constitutional free exercise, free speech, due process, and equal protection rights. His attorneys at the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) say the Commission has revived its campaign against Phillips following June’s Supreme Court decision, singling Masterpiece Cakeshop out for disparate treatment on the basis of Phillips’ religious beliefs.

Kristen Waggoner, an Alliance Defending Freedom attorney who represents Jack Phillips, said:

“The state of Colorado is ignoring the message of the U.S. Supreme Court by continuing to single out Jack for punishment and to exhibit hostility toward his religious beliefs. Even though Jack serves all customers and simply declines to create custom cakes that express messages or celebrate events in violation of his deeply held beliefs, the government is intent on destroying him — something the Supreme Court has already told it [Colorado Civil Rights Commission] not to do.”

Phillips’ lawsuit reads:

“Colorado has renewed its war against him [Jack Phillips] by embarking on another attempt to prosecute him, in direct conflict with the Supreme Court’s ruling in his favor. This lawsuit is necessary to stop Colorado’s continuing persecution of Phillips.”

Phillips’ suit:

  • Requests an injunction barring further prosecutions of Phillips for violations of Colorado’s anti-discrimination law, a declaration that the Commission violated his constitutional rights, and damages from the director of the commission, Aubrey Elenis, whom the lawsuit holds to be personally liable for any financial judgment the court might award. Phillips is seeking damages from Elenis for lost work time, lost profits, emotional distress, and reputational harm. He is also requesting an additional $100,000 punitive judgment against her.
  • Challenges the criteria by which commissioners are selected to serve on the civil rights panel, arguing that the criteria are not neutral. According to the lawsuit, the seven-member Commission must always include four “members of groups of people who have been or who might be discriminated against because of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, marital status, religion, or age.” In this manner, embedded into “the very structure that Colorado uses to enforce its public-accommodation law” is hostility to Phillips’ religious beliefs.
  • Challenges a provision of Colorado law that prohibits Phillips from conveying his religious objections to prospective customers, by making it illegal for companies to indicate that protected persons will not be served at their place of business. Phillips’ lawsuit maintains that the law prevents Phillips from communicating his refusal to create custom goods conveying messages, and that a particular clause of the law is unconstitutionally vague because it forbids advertisements indicating “that an individual’s patronage or presence at a place of public accommodation is unwelcome, objectionable, unacceptable, or undesirable because of … sexual orientation.”

Source: The Daily Caller


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10 responses to “The Left continue to hound Colorado Christian baker Jack Phillips

  1. I would tell them “I’ll bake you a cake for $1B and it will be my own design. It will display your perversion and what I think of it”. If forced (and paid) I’d depict them all as Sodomites burning in Hell.

  2. Because they can. Abuse of “So sue us!” to be sure.

  3. The left is acting like that bakery is the only one in the state. From what I read about Scardina, she should be brought before the court for unprofessional behavior and Harrassment and filing frivolous lawsuits. May she rot.
    Attacking this one Christian bakery is for nothing but sending threats to anyone and everyone that disagrees with their depravity. He just happens to be an easy mark when judge hunting is done.

    • Well, I still don’t see how they can tell him what he has to charge or that he has to allow a customer to design the cake. Frankly, I can’t believe that he doesn’t have an absolute right to tell them to pound sand.

      Like you say, he isn’t the only baker. It seems likely that one of their swishy friends knows how to decorate a cake. This is obviously deliberately demeaning to his religion and a violation of his civil rights.

  4. I feel so sorry for this poor man. They have put him through hell. I saw a short news piece on him and he is just a quiet hardworking individual.
    As for the human detritus that keep trying to make this mans’ life a living hell, this is proof of the twisted world that lives between their ears. Any normal person just wants to go about their own life. These people that keep these lawsuits and complaints up are so miserable despite their claim to be ” gay; i.e., lighthearted, or joyous that their only mission in life is to find another human being to blame their misery on, and proceed to make them miserable too. They remind me of the sodomites who pounded on Lots door demanding to fornicate the angels.
    This story also reminds me of something that happened here locally. A lesbian couple, one a lawyer, and the other supposedly in a wheelchair, went to every small business in a neighboring town on the main drag and filed a lawsuit against them all because they had no wheelchair access to a bathroom. Never mind they were not even patronizing the businesses at all, but deliberately set out to find who they could victimize. One of the places was a hole in the wall nursery that barely had the room for any restroom at all. These bitches from hell have succeeded in putting the owners out of business with their lawsuits. I hope there is a special place in hell for these people.

  5. This case is setting the tone of what they are going to start doing. They need to take this women to court and throw the book at her even if you can’t make it stick do it and every time she does this do it again just like she is doing take her to court and shock it to her.

    This just shows how the left will not stop till they destroy anything to do with this great nation. If left unchecked this is only going to get worse and continue and will stifle anyone who stands for the truth.

  6. I’m sure it’s not lost on any of us that had those harassing this baker for a cake he would not want to bake gone to a gay baker instead they could have quite easily gotten that cake, probably done better. That was clearly not what they wanted.

  7. I’m not sure why it won’t let me paste the image like it did before. Is there a cure for this?


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