The Left approve of stealing your bank savings

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Five days ago, on March 16, 2013, the people of Cyprus were told by the grand poobahs of the Eurozone that as much as 10% of the deposits in their personal bank accounts would be “levied”, in exchange for a $13 billion (€10 billion) bail-out of their heavily indebted country to avoid bankruptcy and a banking collapse.
Cyprus is a small island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to the east of Greece, and a member of the European Union (EU). The Eurozone is an economic and monetary union of 17 EU member states that have adopted the euro (€) as their common currency and sole legal tender.
The Eurozone’s levy was contingent on the approval of the Cypriot parliament, but parliament resoundingly rejected the levy. Meanwhile, to prevent a bank run, banks in Cypriot will remain closed “until next week”, euphemistically called a “bank holiday”.
If you need the grave import of what happened clearly spelled out, here it is:

  1. Money in our personal bank accounts is PRIVATE PROPERTY.
  2. The proposed levy, therefore, is THEFT/ROBBERY.
  3. This is not just another “tax.” This bank levy is particularly pernicious because what is proposed is the seizure of privately-owned bank deposits that had been guaranteed by the government, much like the FDIC bank deposits in the United States. What value does such a guarantee have if it can be withdrawn at will without any advance notice?
  4. A “bank holiday” means you can’t gain access to YOUR OWN MONEY.
  5. Although Cypriot’s parliament rejected the levy, the damage is already done. The Rubicon has been crossed: the idea of “wealth taxation,” that is the involuntary confiscation of privately-owned property, has now been breached. Sure enough, faster than you can say “Jiminy Cricket,” the governments of two other countries — New Zealand and Spain — already are making similar levy noises.

In case you’re doubtful about what the Left here in America think of this theft, below are the approving comments made by the elite of the American Left, posted on Twitchy, March 18, 2013.

  • Daniel Weston is a hedge fund manager.
  • Robert Reich was labor secretary in Bill Clinton’s administration and currently Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Steven Greenhouse is a labor and workplace correspondent for the New York Times.
  • Jeffrey Sachs is an economist and director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University.


American libs support Cyprus-style wealth confiscation scheme, while bailout roils world markets; Update: Cyprus reportedly stalls bailout vote

Posted at 5:45 am on March 18, 2013 by Twitchy Staff | View Comments 13
Cyprus depositors should take the deal, getting off easy comprd 2 the wealth tax coming on citizens in other over indebted countries ahead.
Daniel Weston (@danielweston83) March 17, 2013
Robert Reich @RBReich

Why any sensible tax reform should include a wealth tax on the vast accumulations of wealth at the top. …
12:42 AM – 25 Jan 13

Steven Greenhouse @greenhousenyt

To cut deficit, some say U.S. should look beyond income tax to creating a tax on households’ overall wealth …
3:37 PM – 10 Feb 13

Daily Kos         @dailykos

GOP cranks up class warfare again with tax-break plans. Time for a wealth tax 
2:49 PM – 21 Oct 12

A big h/t to FOTM’s Anon.


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0 responses to “The Left approve of stealing your bank savings

  1. Thieves,,,every single one of them.. and the ultimate goal? Installation of their new ‘currency’…or cashless society…NWO here we are…The crossroads…

  2. I think I heard this morning Cypress is also thinking about going after citizen’s pension funds. Not sure if I heard correctly or not….

  3. If you remember , during the Clinton so-called presidency they wanted to do a one-time 15% cash grab on all I.R.A.’s and 401K’s . I guess the lib’s are evolving and now there’s no telling how much they will ATTEMPT to grab .
    I hope the lib’s approve of the inevitable reaction when a shotgun gets thrust into their nether-regions and controller of said shotgun yells out PULL.They’ll get a bang out of that one !

  4. Our governement is already taking money out of the G funds of the federal employee retirement accounts. Of course, they never told the employees.
    We have also heard that all 401Ks and IRAs and savings are next. The Argentine President showed Obama how to go about it. Also an investor wrote last August something about if, you are not enrolled in a plan, they will automatic enroll you at a certain per cent. It will go into a National account.
    Our reps has better start pushing back or we are doomed.

    • Hey Glenn, can you give me a hint as to where I can find out more about the G-fund theft? I had not heard this had already happened but have heard that it might. I have ( or had?) money in the G fund and would like to be able to keep it if possible. Thank you!

  5. The liberal gangsters in America have bigger plans. Obama is now looking to steal all the money in every private pension in America, 10.2 trillion to be exact, by requiring all private pensions to roll over into the government. The Latest move can be found in the Obama Administration`s, 256 page- FY 2013 Budget Proposal.

    • Why am I not surprised ;-} They don’t want you to have any independent means of support. They are treating people like scum and people are wailing about it and accepting it.
      When you’re on the breadline they’ll kick you saying it’s all your fault – that’s what psychopaths do. They cut off your legs and blame you for not standing up Psychopaths don’t change and they never say sorry. THEY DO NOT CARE!!
      I suggest a liberal sprinkling of rat poison wherever you see these vermin congregate,.

  6. Reblogged this on sally1137.

  7. “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” –Margaret Thatcher

    • One of the best , if not the best commentaries on the idiocy of socialism . My compliments Anon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Libs will never comprehend that.

    • Thatcher killed the UK economy through provoking strikes, closing down manufacturing, selling off Britain’s gas reserves. She said back in the eighties that there would be a generation growing up without hope of jobs. That has been achieved, so how did she know that? Basically she destroyed Britain’s manufacturing base so that we couldn’t pay ourselves and stand on our own feet. She was just as bad as the socialists she was supposed to be against.
      There is no difference between left and right, both sides want centralisation of power and monopoly of resources. Wealth distribution means stealing from the many to give to the few.

  8. These weasels are just waiting for the opportunity to make their move. It’s time a news outlet “outed” them, by publishing all their contact and address information. Use one of the Left’s favorite tricks.

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. I am going to call this evil, taking people’s money/property without their approval and consent, which is called “stealing” as a violation of one of the Ten Commandments. Therefore, it is truly evil!

  10. Wow if there was ever an incentive to spend, spend, spend, everything one has , and to keep a little under the mattress; this is it. So repair your roof, your car, buy all the food you can, stock up on clothing, and everything else you need, and keep a little under your mattress. Hopefully they won’t come after our socks, shampoo, soup, and bread. Hell we might even have to hide that, considering that if the gov. wants to now, they can commandeer our food supplies. Nothing is safe.

  11. If they can’t tax you into poverty they’ll take whatever meagre savings you have. The middle classes have been under steady attack for years now, nobody seemed to care and now it’s too late. If you let these hyenas get away with one thing they’ll keep going for you until you have nothing left.

  12. The dems have been working on this for years.
    They had to shelve it when Billy Jeff lost the congress, but if the dems ever get it back, lookout.

  13. Perhaps I am “mis-remembering” but I thought that Obama had some kind of think group that put out a list of ideas to try to help increase the deficit or balance the budget or something . . . it seems that one of their ideas was a percentage tax or fee for all financial transactions. Is that not the same thing as confiscating a percentage of someone’s savings, or checking account ??? I would be interested if anyone can set me straight on this plan.


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