The law that Obama violated in releasing 5 terrorists from Gitmo in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl

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  1. Okay-so we all get angry and denounce Obama. But what can we,as the People of the US,do to stop this crap from destroying our Country,and our unique way of life? Vote him out? Well,that hasn’t done so well so far…We don’t even have ONE Congressman with the gonads to sign whatever papers are required to have Obama arrested and prosecuted for all (or even SOME) of his illegal actions since he became a Senator. (And yes-I’m sure he’s violated local,State and Federal laws even THEN.)

    • Have you heard of the Obama “dead-list”. So many people that have tried, have had the ability to, or came close to exposing obama end up dead, and usually under “mysterious circumstances. At the rate the list is growing, I envision a congressman, right about to sign the documents you refer to, and a half a second too soon catching a blowgun dart to the back of the neck. Think about it: obama is so “likable” and “charismatic”, to me, that makes him the PERFECT GOON!

    • Excellent question Truckjunkie, one has few options here, one option of course is to go in to the white house and arrest him as a citizen, which likely would be denounced as a terrorist act and result in whoever tried, being shipped off to one of “those” places (Unless you’ve got some really good tricks up your sleeve, like an Ironman armor or something similar, this would likely not pan out well). Another option is to make autonomous communities that are separate entirely, of course those usually get “waco’d” if they’re found out, being found out being the key phrase. I do hear in the northwest there are pocket communities of russian orthodox that left the soviet union that are still in hiding, and it could be said they made a good choice, a person can pretty easily disappear amongst the mountains and trees. So the “hidden community” option is also open, but it cannot “fix” the immediate problem.

      What we need is someone who is a Good Christian fellow to sweep through the whole of the govt. and remove every last secret society and devil worshiping shill that have installed themselves therein, clean out the corruptions installed into law and policy, and effectively purge the entire system across the board down to the local level, such a monumental task is not something that can be done without lots of support from lots of good clean Christian folk and especially not without God.

      Something else that can be done is obtaining books on how to do/make/repair things, anything and everything from TV repair to making components for items from scratch essentially, if the plans of the puppets of evil do go through, those people who have knowledge of how to live separately from the state will be the best off, especially if they can keep “quiet” during the “revolution” (Some may try to take over said “revolution”, which has limited odds of succeeding given I’m sure the puppets of evil have redundant plants crammed in the movement across the board. Some of whom may try to be “culture heros” but that is only a guess.) However, during the second “rebuild” stage, those with such knowledge may well be first on the “target list” (most likely being sold to the citizenry as “the cause of all the problems”) so that’d be something to watch out for. Any person that can make a forge and keep what “old junk” the citizenry has, functional, would become pretty popular though, and would have to watch out for “offers” etc. Things like GPS jammers cellular signal blockers etc. would be useful for hindering tracking, as well as topographical and infrared camoflage for those spy-balls in the sky. There are many other variables to account for these are not even scratching the surface thereof, but you get the idea. It basically comes down to, if we want to fix things, it would require lots of powerful backing (to prevent them just running a black ops mission y’know “oops that leader was killed by a “mugger”” or “waco”ing the whole community as a “compound” of “cultists”.) and knowledge of all their dirty tricks that they can exploit, otherwise the whole system needs to be scrapped across the board and civilization rebuilt from the ground up by good clean Christian folk.

  2. I submit this for your approval: I would like to write a screen play. I will call it “The Great and Powerful O”. It is a work of fiction. The story revolves around a lead character, known as O. He is known for his grand works of magic and mysticism. He is known for all his “great deeds”. But at the end of the story, the audience finds out that the O was nothing but a scam, smoke and mirrors, and his great “power” was nothing but an illusion. He hides behind a curtain, and when the curtain is pulled back, we see nothing but a tiny little man who fooled the masses. Can anyone guess which role Obama will play?

    PS: I’m sorry if I have irreparably ruined the “Wizard of Oz” for anyone, that was not my intention.

  3. Sitting here day after day and watching this former commoonity pisser-offer willfully dismantle my America is bad enough, but what is worse is that the dumbMass sheeple I interact with day in and day out appear to be oblivious to the damage this Kenyan communist fraud is carrying out – damage that I now believe is irreparable.

    It is really taking a toll on me, and has been for some time. 🙁


  4. I have a question: why is this wall-to-wall on every outlet and talk show?
    The “Bin Laden raid” was the last event they covered (to do with Afghanistan), and superficially at that. The Navy Seals going down in a Chinook **together** garners nary a blip. More suicides by soldiers in ’12 than combat deaths: silence.
    All of the sudden, we have a lead-up to the release of the ONLY POW in that theatre (check out the utube clips of coverage from C(IA)NN from January), and he just happens to be a deserter, at best (which they never explore on those C(IA)NN clips, of course) who was sure to take a cell phone and other supplies, remain UN-BEHEADED and well-fed all these five years, and oh right, he was just happening to study Arabic according to his bunk-mates prior to his desertion. Men died on patrol looking for him, and others died due to the predictability of the troops’ movements over time. Then, he receives a hero’s welcome in the wake of the release of long-time Gitmo detainees (but, but, we DO NOT NEGOTIATE with TERRORISTS, remember??), along with a Rose-Garden Meeting (gotta be some freemasonic symbolism of some sort in that setting…give me time..) with the “Leader of the Free World,” receiving Big Hugs from said “Leader” (or is it Dear Leader?) after speaking Arabic to his son, *supposedly* saying “I Am Your Father,” because, you know, adults forget how to speak English after a few months or so. [Or was it code to his Taliban buddies?] The coziness between our Dear Leader and those two sketchy agent provoc…I mean, concerned parents, was off-putting to say the least.
    Again, my question: why did this particular outrage happen to eat up the ol’ “news hole?” It could have been buried by the usual suspects just like so many other scandals, only to be covered by us “tin-foil-hat-wearing kooks clinging to our Bibles and guns” on the “Internets.”
    Is it just an in-your-face to the perpetually sleepy saps who support our current regime no matter how outlandish the offense? Whist daring the detractors to do something…anything at all to be able to measure the level of outrage in “flyover country” along with how many Barney-Fife-turned-Stormtroopers they’ll need to enforce Martial Law?

    Sorry for the length of this, dear reader. The old noggin has been spinning for hours at this point.

  5. Along those same lines, with brevity: why did Snowden receive the spotlight, but his predecessors didn’t (Thomas Drake, Bill Binney, and before him, Russell Tice)?!

    Anywho, check out the clip of the parents of the “deserter/traitor” in the rose garden. If that isn’t contrived, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

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