The late Charlton Heston's Basement .

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“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”
Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, 1941

Let’s see.
1. A couple of hundred million dollars of spending money.
2. A Federal Firearms License to own automatic and crew served weapons.
3. A qualified contractor to build the vault.
4. Forty years plus of gun collecting.
Throw in the presidency of the NRA and you have a veritable museum collection in your own basement.
My man, Ben Hur.

The late Charlton Heston‘s Basement…..
Now this is a ‘Gun Safe‘!

No wonder the USA has never been invaded!!!
Nothing like being prepared! This is the way gun control should be. WOW!!

~Steve~                                   H/T  Our Miss May



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0 responses to “The late Charlton Heston's Basement .

  1. How I wish I could meet that gentle man again. He was the most gentle of men. He picked me out of a crowd of Rodeo Drive dressed to the nines guests and stood in line to bring me a ginger ale.
    He then stood and chatted with me and suddenly the room went silent and I was aware of a thousand eyes staring at the “unknown” whom Heston was inviting to bring her plays to Ho’wood, and silly me, the old shyness took over and I backed away as Heston’s beautiful blue eyes grew wider and wider with astonishment.
    It only occurred to me later that someone might have thought he might have said something rude or offensive, but he was a gentleman and a gentle man in every pore of his being. (I’ve encountered Ho’wood sleaze and Heston was not, repeat, not that.)
    He loved his country and is a symbol of America’s best and bravest men. As for that basement, it reminds me of an English adage: “Beware the anger of the patient man…”
    God keep you and watch over America, friend, till we meet again!

  2. Buying a new gun gives me the same feeling as indulging in
    a new pair of boots…it doesn’t happen often enough, but
    it’s noteworthy….sigh 🙂

  3. I’d hang out in that room all day long!

  4. Those pics are the most……AWESOME thing…..(I might have a laundry problem!) I come from Utah Mormon stock, (ex-Mo for 32 years myself) but we were gun people. I still am. (Think what you will about the Mormon-folk, but don’t ever, EVER invade Utah….there’s enough food and gun storage in that state to supply WWIII, IV, V & VI !!) My personal love of conservative gun culture insulated me from becoming too liberal in my post-mormon decade and a half flirtation with bleeding heart pinko-dom. (Credit Archie Bunker for that phrase!) Despite pressure from friends of the left-leaning persuasion, I refused to relinquish my NRA membership. Now I’ve found my way back to saner politics and am still the proud legal possessor of 27 firearms.

  5. We bloggers have been burnt so many times for posting something from an e-mail which then turns out to be bogus. So, a little voice told me to go on the web to verify Steve’s post. This is what I found:
    The photos are real and the impressive gun collection is real. But they’re not Charleton Heston’s. Instead, the collection probably was the late Bruce Stern’s (now auctioned off) or Robert Starer’s.
    Read more here:

  6. i wonder if after starring in the “omega man” he felt a greater need for home security…


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