The Lastest Egg on the Face Award Goes To…

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Contessa Brewer

MSNBC Anchor Mockingly Asks GOP Congressman If He Has ‘Degree In Economics’… Turns Out He Does!

Posted on July 20, 2011 at 4:57pm by Christopher SantarelliChristopher Santarelli

When speaking about President Obama’s spending and stimulus decisions in the first year of his Presidency, the heated interview climaxed with this back and forth:

Brewer: We were looking at going–reverting a depression at that point. Everyone, the Fed Chairman–

Rep. Brooks: Well I disagree we were going into a depression, but go ahead.

Brewer: Do you have a degree in economics?

Rep. Brooks: Yes ma’am I do, highest honors.

Rep. Brooks official bio says that the Congressman graduated from Duke University in three years with a double major in political science and economics, with highest honors in economics. After Duke, Rep. Brooks graduated from the University of Alabama Law School in 1978.

Brewer’s question seems especially interesting considering that economics is a Top 10 major for undergrads. Brewer, who does not have a degree in economics, quickly realized her gaffe and responded on Facebook after the interview:


I just love it when liberals stick their foot in their mouths on national TV, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Tom in NC



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5 responses to “The Lastest Egg on the Face Award Goes To…

  1. HA, love it!

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha !

    A standard liberal ploy is to portray conservatives as stupid and uneducated. Another left-wing lie…or is it a case of psychological projection?

  3. lowtechgrannie

    At least she was honest on her Facebook page, admitting she didn’t do her homework when she asked him that question. Stupid; but, humble for now.

  4. Just another airhead libtard beeyatch – nothing new (and for Brewer, she’s been that way since she entered TV broadcasting – in fact, right on our own local affiliate back in the 1990s!). But since I never watch her dips**T netword (PMSNBC), I don’t give a rat’s patootie what she says and/or if her career eventually tanks or not…


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