The Kaepernick Effect: Ratings for NFL 2018 season opener lowest since 2009

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In 2016, at the third preseason game of the 49ers, quarterback Colin Kaepernick began his public virtue-signalling, protesting against alleged racial injustice in America by refusing to standing at the National Anthem played before the start of NFL games.

Since then, the Kaepernick contagion has spread to other NFL players. Nike, Inc., even elevates Kaepernick to heroic stature, featuring him in the company’s “Just Do It” campaign in an ad with the statement, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” (See DCG’s post, “National Association of Police Organizations calls for boycott of Nike over Kaepernick campaign“.)

Football fans have shown their distaste for Kaepernick and other NFL players’ politicization of the sport and disrespect for the National Anthem by boycotting the NFL. Their boycott continues to depress TV ratings of NFL games, although I believe ratings and profits no longer motivate Left-infested corporations.

Dominic Patten reports for Deadline Hollywood that viewership for the first official game (Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons) of the NFL’s new season on September 6, 2018, fell to a 9-year low:

  • Only 19 million watched the game on NBC — a decline of 13% from  last year’s NFL opener holding the previous record, and the worst any kickoff game has done since 2009.
  • Among adults 18-49, the decline was worse — a drop of 14% from 2017.
  • For that matter, NFL ratings have declined every year since 2014, but especially since 2016 when Kaepernick began his virtue-signalling anthem protest.

Deadline Hollywood‘s Patten observes:

Even in a TV landscape where ratings and viewership are noticeably dipping, unless you are This Is Us or Game Of Thrones, those results have to worry the NFL and the broadcasters, especially the still Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox with its pricey Thursday Night Football debuting this year

Meanwhile, as the NFL enters the 2018 season, there is still no resolution to the anthem protest issue.

Question: If Colin Kaepernick really cares about #BlackLivesMatter, why isn’t he protesting about the millions of black babies being aborted, or the black-on-black carnage of homicides in cities like Chicago?


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15 responses to “The Kaepernick Effect: Ratings for NFL 2018 season opener lowest since 2009

  1. They’ve offended patriotic Americans and veterans…they’ve offended our flag and our country. They are wealthy beyond belief, many are felons, many have numerous children by various women, and they think they should preach to us. Like Dr. E says, why the heck aren’t they protesting the murder of black babies, the murders on the South side of Chicago where black gangs murder daily other blacks, including innocent children, and the city does nothing. This whole thing is part of the commie hate Trump cabal and there will NEVER be an NFL game on in this house.

  2. Nike has lost their mind. They pay their workers 20 cents an hour and give millions to a guy that claims to care about social justice.
    The game has become so commercialized with halting the game for commercials, it has lost it’s glow.
    I am sick of hearing how bad a very small percentage of policemen are bad, I am sick of the disrespect and lack of patriotism.
    Just a few years ago, the NFL had a hissy fit when Tebow and a couple others wanted to take a knee and give thanks. So,which is it NFL, to kneel or not?

    • Nike and all these large corporations have more money than God at this point, and they don’t care about the money anymore. It’s becoming quite apparent that all the corps as part of the cryptocracy are more concerned with social engineering and destroying America and it’s historic culture and people. When I see a major corp going that far out on a limb, all I see is another commercial telling Whites, you are scum and we are taking you down because Black is going to be the new dominant. Black is beautiful, cool, righteous, noble, you name it- everything Whitey isn’t. Pure unadulterated brainwashing.
      Three out of four commercials feature Gays, mixed race couple ( almost always Whites with Blacks, sometimes Asians with Blacks) Gays with babies, nerdy stupid White men, two women, and bold manly smart Black men. Everything in commercials anymore is a radical departure from ordinary reality which is proof positive, it is not about the money anymore, because if it were they would want to appeal the the largest majority of people.

  3. Some may say “I won’t buy Nike’s ever again,” in a month or so, somewhere, you see him wearing the Nike’s and crouching behind the LEVIS table so you don’t see him. We are free to do as we please but if we stick together and buy neither NIKES, LEVIS, and rebuke the NFL, we can put a significant dent to the three big ones. Let’s send them a message and bring them down, WE CAN DO IT, united we stand, a NO to NIKES LEVIS NFL is a NO to Kaepernick and his followers, he is a recentful motherless child, he who has no mother has no country. Excercise our right to vote in the upcoming elections.

    • Yeah, they can all run out, buy Levis and Nike’s and get sex change operations so they can hang out at Target. How many pairs of those can you get with welfare benefits?

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  5. “Question: If Colin Kaepernick really cares about #BlackLivesMatter, why isn’t he protesting about the millions of black babies being aborted, or the black-on-black carnage of homicides in cities like Chicago?”

    Precisely. I see Kaepernick as a troubled person looking for an identity because he obviously feels very unsettled about being biracial. He seems to want to pretend that the White part of him doesn’t exist, or doesn’t want to acknowledge any aspect of being White because, well, hey it’s not cool to be White, and all Whites are scum racists right? So IMO that’s what all his virtue signalling is about – not about making the world a better place, but telling the world he is better that the rest of us. Glad the NFL is eating it.

    • You’ve got him sussed, Dr. Lana. Poor little mutt. He wanted to be a Pyrenees, but ended up a Poodle mix. My original question remains. Who cares what he thinks?

  6. Are we surprised? I’m not.

    “Transgender Model Mia Isabella Confirms Colin Kaepernick Relationship; 49ers Quarterback Remains Silent”

    “Transgender model Mia Isabella, who was involved in the reputed Tyga and Kylie Jenner cheating scandal, said she and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick were once in a romantic relationship.

    Isabella originally remained quiet about her love for Kaepernick to “protect” him.”

  7. ‘Monday Night Football’ Suffers Lowest Early Game Numbers in over a Decade



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