The "justice" system is a problem

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Edward McMichael, aka "Tuba Man"

Edward McMichael, aka “Tuba Man”

Suspect in fatal Bellevue bar shooting convicted of Tuba Man death

Seattle Times: A 19-year-old man Bellevue Police suspect shot and killed a man at a Bellevue bar early Monday was convicted in 2009 of killing a Seattle street musician known as Tuba Man.


Police have obtained a warrant for the arrest of Ja’mari Alexander Alan Jones, who they consider armed and dangerous. His car is described as a white Nissan Maxima with Washington state license number AHZ1672.
Witnesses told local media that as many as five shots were fired at about 1:09 a.m. at Munchbar’s Mirror Lounge in Bellevue Square.  A 30-year-old Seattle man was fatally wounded.
Jones was one of three teens who pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in April 2009 in the death of 53-year-old Ed McMichael, also known as Tuba Man. He was beaten during a robbery in the fall of 2008 near Seattle Center and later died of his injuries.
After prosecutors found themselves unable to find witnesses and a juvenile court judge refused try the boys as adults, the teens  pleaded guilty to manslaughter and were sentenced to short terms in juvenile  detention.
What a shocker, this punk that assisted in killing the Tuba Man (whom I frequently saw at Mariners’ games) received a light sentence and was able to kill another person. Maybe the justice system is part of the problem here with gun deaths. Had this punk been properly punished, he might still be in jail and wouldn’t have killed another person. Instead of focusing on gun control laws, which are already in place and criminals ignore, maybe we should focus on criminals receiving their due justice.

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0 responses to “The "justice" system is a problem

  1. Everything is a reason for gun control to left/libtards. Punish murderers? Naw, that’s too hard.

  2. there is no money to be made by the lawyers defending or fees and fines for the courts to get from real felons, they spend all thier time gleaning the stupid for drinking, pot, driving or other crimes of stupidy. People that do dumb stuff are supporting the court and legal defence market, and its just that, need a lawyer, go do some priceing and get the cheapest asshole on the block.
    These guys with multiable felony convictions and short time sentence’s need to be incarcerated longer, be seperated from other felons in prison, recieave real education and trade instruction and real time supervision when released, Turning them to the streets to the same old invironment is stupid.
    But if there is no money in it, it wont happen, just more knee jerk responce to crime as before, take all the guns, Well you aint gonna get them all, its a stupid cry, we need to deal with the criminal and the mentally ill, parents have to commit thier kids, courts have to committ these guys to a suitable life long system, and we as a country have to pay up and provide one, then fire every idiot judge that fails to have these criminals screened and put into the proper program fired, period, put the blame where it should be, on the criminal and the judges, probationary depts and the education system to fix the problem, not cover your eyes and turn them loose
    …and I wish this forum had spell check, I get to mad to fix all the little errors…

  3. hey if obama had a son this is what he would look like. one million excuses to kill and kill again he was oppressed, wasn’t priveleged, etc etc it was the guns fault the sun was in my eyes, i was born under a bad moon, create a penal colony on the moon and use it.

  4. Thank you DCG for this insightful post. Justice was not rendered in this case by the judge; once again, there is an agenda that is served which is contrary to a judge being unbiased and responsible to God for making wise and appropriate judgments pursuant to applicable laws. Another person was killed and this did not have to happen. How horrible!


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