The Janitor, the Rockefellers & the 40 Year Plan

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Once upon a time, in the state of Oregon there was a farmer and part-time janitor named Joe Spenner.  He was a property owner who was concerned about the direction government was taking the country.   It was the late 1960s and elected officials from multiple jurisdictions started banding together and appointing committees to regulate people and land – Regional Government by unelected committees, blue ribbon panels and stakeholders.   
An average American, Joe loved his country and he knew there was something wrong!  Who would listen to him?  How could he prove it?  He was only a janitor.   He started going through the discarded trash in the waste baskets where he worked  and  over the years he found—- a treasure trove of documents  — from the trash cans he emptied nightly.  In 1992 he compiled  every scrap of paper, every bit of proof, putting together the paper trail documenting the manipulation.  It’s a book the size of the Yellow Pages!   “ROCKEFELLER –REGIONALISM: THE SHADOW BEHIND OREGON’S LCDC”    (note the seller in Tennessee is my best buddy, Kelleigh— she can get more new copies if necessary)

 You want to know about the manipulation behind environmentalism,  population control (abortion) and land use — what’s the connection?  
  In 1970 the Rockefeller Foundation kicked off a 40 year plan a multi-part study financed by the Rockefellers and carried out by Oregon State University “Man and His Activities as Related to Environmental Quality.”  It is a roadmap that was originally offered for sale to bureaucrats.  It is no longer “findable”.  Google it and you come up empty!
 Now, 41 years later we look back and….. we are living the results of that plan! 
Right click and “save target” to download The Plan 
  Rockefeller 71079-Population1973

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0 responses to “The Janitor, the Rockefellers & the 40 Year Plan

  1. Well done, LTG! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    Joe Spenner did the brave and responsible thing. His book should be widely read and disseminated.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Eo, thanks!
    Joe Spenner is around 89 years old now. He self-published his book at great personal cost. The Rockefeller information is very interesting and the Rockefeller name rings a bell with crowds; but, his book’s main focus is the creation of this unelected, run by committee, regional system that was put in place so long ago. Most people have grown up with it and view it as the norm. It takes freedom away from the electorate —– nobody voted for these appointed committees that regulate away our personal liberty. Joe’s work is so important because it traces what was done in Oregon—was also done in every other state.
    Washington State signed on with Oregon under the watch of a three-term Republican Governor, Dan Evans. Evans went on to found a radically left-wing college before serving as a Senator. He’s a triple-dipping SOB who is revered as a saint by the Rinos of Washington State. He sold us down the river as smooth as silk! (He’s also married to my 2nd grade music teacher and school librarian. A pity! As a 7-year old I really liked her.)

  3. lowtechgrannie

    At approximately the mid-point of the 40 year plan, the AGENDA 21 -SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT was codified internationally.
    GHW Bush attended. (Does this remind anybody of Rosemary’s Baby?)

  4. lowtechgrannie

    At the end of WWII, the Rockefeller Brothers commissioned a $million dollar study, Resources for Freedom, to determine the location and amount of ALL the natural resources in the world. Continents/Nations with large deposits of natural resources have experienced tremendously violent political and social upheaveal since that time. Coincidence? Who knows! They are not nice people!
    In my opinion, I would rather billionaires spend their money on golfing and dissipation. When they get involved in social causes, it seems they do untold social damage — witness, the Rockefellers, Soros and Gates. I don’t begrudge them a cent of their money if they’d just butt out!

  5. lowtechgrannie

    You’re right, Sage! The wicked flourish like the green bay tree! I think Rhett Butler said that to Scarlett O’Hara; but, he was quoting scripture!

  6. Very good article,I am very concerned about all of this,so worried,simply because there are so many Americans not aware of all of this.

  7. Hi Everybody,
    I am a Joe Spenner Fan. I sent him a letter and it was returned. I have sent him emails and they are unanswered. Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to contact him?


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