The Inevitable…

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After all, it was just a matter of time before disgraced representative Anthony Weiner resigned. He gave a press conference this morning in which he was heckled (lewd language included).

He apologized for the personal mistakes he had made.  He described his actions as a “distraction”. Most importantly, he needs to “heal” from the damage that he has caused. “Of course, I want to express my gratitude to my family. To my mother and father, who instilled in me the values that carried me this far.”

Are you kidding me?  Yes, those values carried you all the way to resign from elected office. His parents must be so proud.


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8 responses to “The Inevitable…

  1. I, for one, never saw this coming.

  2. There are plenty of weiners in his congressional district. They’ll send another one up just like him, and Obama’s coup will keep rolling right along, totally unhindered by that bunch of fat-assed apparently paralyzed gas bags we call a congress.


  3. So, in his final act as Congressman, he’s got to drag his parents into it. Weiner must really hate his parents….

  4. Weiner is a declasse dick whose parents should hang their heads in shame for doing such a lousy job raising him. A man who easily discards his religious faith, morals and lies to constituents, is not fit to hold public office or be dog catcher.

  5. Distraction?! How about disgusting, dishonest, despicable, degenerate, delinquent, dumb, as a box of rocks…

    Values?! What values?! The only value I saw demonstrated was monetary and for protecting his sorry hide.

    Maybe Congress needs some lessons on what values are: Worth (not the monetary kind), honesty, bravery (it isn’t brave to protect yourself from your bad judgment), standing up for what is right not what is convenient or expedient, morals (many of them may need to look that one up to find out what it is, sort of like signing the bill to find out what is in it)… oops, those are some of my values, which too many in Congress do not seem to share.

    Dear God, we, as a nation, have made some stupid mistakes, please forgive us, and help us make it right. Help us remember this nation is Yours, and You have graciously shared it with us. Freedom to choose is a blessing that does not come from men or governments, and though men and governments may infringe upon it, and You will suffer that abuse for a time, sooner or later, an accounting will be made. Bless our troops who fight for freedom, and bless all those who stand for freedom. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

    • Really. The heckler was overly crass and rude (doing legwork for a morning radio Shock Jock) but at least it interrupted the self-celebratory fest Weiner was trying to “spin” his resignation announcement into– shame where shame was due, even if the hecker was overboard (which he still was and got booted out by the cops, too).

  6. So, can we stop all the wee jokes now?


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