The (impending) Death of Democracy

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It’s been an unnerving three weeks watching the events unfold in Egypt and the Middle East. The Obama administration instead of taking the lead and showing strength in international affairs, instead completely and utterly botched any and all diplomatic efforts.
Mubarack is now gone, the military is in charge, radical Islam is surging in the country and Israel  is in danger of being completely isolated and surrounded by totally hostile and bloodthirsty governments.
This administrations failures in foreign policy will be haunting this country and the Middle East for decades to come. The terrorist threats will increase and instead of Obama healing old wounds he has poured salt into those wounds and opened fresh ones.
It wasn’t enough that this administration ruin our economy, the banks and mortgage industry, took over two of the three domestic car manufacturers and ran them further into the red thanks to giving perks to the unions and finally the takeover of our healthcare which threatens each and every American(except for the elites in government and those granted exceptions by that same government) and would kill close to a million job in this country.
Obama continues to push us to closer to the brink of catastrophic failure and collapse, if we as a country do not turn things around soon our security, our rights and our very existence as a republic will only be a distant memory.
We MUST impeach, expel and imprison these government officials for crimes against this country, our laws and our people. Time is short and we must act NOW!
Tom in NC

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  1. Listen to Rep. Allen West at CPAC. Amazing man of principles.
    My personal dream team in 2012 or sooner –
    Ron Paul
    Allen West
    The Unbeatables!

      The people of Iran will again take to the streets in Tehran and other Iranian cities on Monday morning. The Iranian people hope to gain freedom as the people of Egypt did on Friday.
      There are reports that people in the streets of Tehran are already chanting, “Death to the Dictator!” A few days ago, supporters of the current Iranian regime were chanting, “Death to America!”
      How will President Obama respond to the protestors in Iran? In the summer of 2009, the Iranian people took to the streets to protest what they considered to be a fraudulent election. The called their movement “The Green Revolution.”
      Obama said nothing in support of the Iranian people in 2009 or since. The forces of Iranian President Ahmadinejad and the Radical Islamic Mullahs brutalized the Iranian people who protested. Many were imprisoned and executed during and following the protests.
      There are reports that more than 100 people who have opposed the current Iranian regime have been executed so far in 2011. Will the people of Iran rise up and demand their brutal leaders step down? If the Iranian people do march in the streets in protest, will President Obama support the freedom the Iranian people are seeking? Will President Obama pressure the Iranian leadership to step down and give power back to the people of Iran?
      We will soon see whose side President Obama is on in Iran.

  2. Yes, I agree completely, but how, where and when do we start taking the country back?
    When it became known nationwide that obama was hiding something very important, that he didn’t have a birth certificate for this country, and that he was a muslim marxsit wanting to redistribute our money, the people should have turned on him immediately and had him thrown out, but they didn’t.
    He’s still in the Whitehouse doing as much damage as he possibly can and spending as much money as he possibly can. WTH is going on?
    I say nothing but all out bloody revolutionary war is going to get him out of there, and all the rest of the thugs and thieves out. Voting is nowhere; it’s all rigged and paid for in advance. What else is left?

  3. pretty much an Egyptian Tea Party-coming soon to a whitehouse near you?

  4. The goal of the Muslim world is to conquer western civilization and Israel by attrition. Unfortunately for America, one of their biggest Muslim leaders is now in the white house. This explains why he turned a blind eye to the muslim uprising in Egypt. He’s working for the other side.

  5. Obama has been outed for who and what he really is. I firmly believe he will be replaced in the next election. It will take several years to undo his “change,” but I believe the momentum is already starting to build as the new candidates take their messages to the citizens. I am looking seriously at Herman Cain as an excellent challenger to Obama. Here is link that may interest you :

  6. Weapons of Mass Destruction found in San Diego. BO’s DHS engaged in coverup.


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