The Idiot Speaketh

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The Obama train wreck continues

On Feb. 23, Obama used a speech in Florida to outline his own accomplishments in the energy arena and lambasting rival politicians for promising easy solutions to bringing prices down.
“You know there are no quick fixes to this problem. You know we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices,” he told an audience at the University of Miami, noting instability in the Middle East and rising demand in China were boosting the oil market.
So I guess pouring money on failed boondoggles like Solyndra are going to help energy prices. 
“If we’re going to avoid being at the mercy of these world events, we’ve got to have a sustained, all-of-the-above strategy that develops every available source of American energy. Yes, oil and gas, but also wind and solar and nuclear and biofuels,” he said to applause.
The reality is, you pompous assm is that you don’t care if we have to pay
$4, $5, $6 or even higher prices per gallon for gas just as long as you and your BS green agenda continues to cripple our country. As long as Al Gore and the rest of environuts line up to kiss your ass you could care less about the average American. Three years ago I was paying $20 week for gas, now I’m paying almost $50 a week, and it’s all thanks to you. Your moratorium on gulf drilling, your opposition to fracking and the Keystone pipeline is causing every American to dig deeper just to drive back and forth to work, heat their homes and cook their meals. 
The only ones who benefit from your policies are the lazy, good for nothings, who don’t want to work, who have their hand out to the government every month. The ones who support you NO MATTER WHAT, AND WHO ARE STUPID AND IGNORANT ENOUGH TO VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN IN 2012!

Obama, you might think that if you win reelection next year, that you will have free rein to finish off this country and that you will have nothing to lose. At the same time we the American people will always remember what you stand for:

  • Higher taxes
  • Corruption
  • Socialism
  • Killing the American Dream
  • Dictatorial Rule

We will never submit to your tyranny and if you win again (which will only be due to voter fraud and intimidation), we won’t have anything to lose as well and only our freedom to gain, freedom from a tyrannical despot. Protests, civil disobedience and violence if necessary, will be the order of the day. Despite all you efforts to kill off the American Spirit, millions of Americans still have the blood of patriots coursing through our veins, AND WE WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT. YOU AND YOUR ILK CAN COUNT ON IT!!!! 

 ~Tom in NC
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0 responses to “The Idiot Speaketh

  1. Why wait until obama wins (read: steals) the election through corruption? The fight is on NOW! When you have uninformed people who will blindly vote for him no matter what and stupid commie mouth pieces like the ‘comediens’ supporting him with their air time and money, what hope is there to wait until after?

  2. The idiot speaketh.
    Perhaps were you referring to yourself?
    It is dictatorial, not dictitorial.

  3. I don’t understand who this guy and his surrogates are speaking to. If people really are this dumb and gullible, there’s no hope for this nation. I really think we might be at the point where too many are demoralized – unable to tell their right hand from their left, like Ninevah.

  4. The Looters are almost there.

  5. The Obama Administration is taking it’s orders directly from the United Nations in accordance with Agenda-21 directives. These orders are being carried out via the ICLEI (International Cuncil on Local Environmental Initiatives), a Communist Front organization.
    The ICLEI is a international organization posing as a local organization that has attached itself to thousands of towns and cities throughout the United States. Only Idiots and Communists proclaim, “Communism is dead”.

  6. He’s trying to destroy the nation. But, not only do we have the blood of the patriots — we have the power of the blood of Jesus as saints. This is a Christian nation under God. Doesn’t mean the “Federal Government” is under God. Means we the saints of Jesus Christ on this nation’s soil are under God in the spiritual Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. GOD WILL PROTECT AND DEFEND the saints of this nation. In God we trust. Obama will fail here. God bless.

  7. Loved this post. I guess you heard we’re supposed to be using algae in
    our vehicles. Pond scum!?
    You were far too gentle.

  8. Anybody else think the Dear Ruler’s October surprise is going to be an attack on Iran?
    After all, the sheeple must be distracted from rising energy prices, which incidentally, are not happening by accident.
    As for the comrade Dear Ruler, should he get reelected, America as founded is going to be deader than frozen dog-squeeze within a year.

  9. Fraud is NULL and VOID.

  10. obama being from kenya has really underestimated the resolve of the american people i know there are enough good people left to make a difference

  11. If Obozo is still in office after the next election cycle it will be the end of our republic as envisioned by our founding fathers.This piece of porcine fecal matter currently infesting the oval office has shown that he has no intention of honoring his oath to protect,uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America,an oath I took,upon entering military service,and still hold sacred.
    Obama’s amerika may not be a Christian nation anymore,but the Christian America that i grew up in and to my dying day will love with all my being is,to his detriment,awakening again.Perhaps we should thank him for that.The Obama,travesty,like the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 is bringing real Americans together again with a purpose and a higher calling,a shared duty to protect and fight for that which was entrusted to us by past generations,our freedom.
    The aberration of Obama’s election,and his utter failure as a viable leader can be summed up by the following quotation’s.
    “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”
    “When liberals are allowed to vote and breed,you end up with a democracy,not a republic.”
    Wild Bill,Alaska

  12. The King says there is no quick fix, thats the first lie. He and the congress can regulate the wall street purchase of commodies, Gasoline and Oil, and stop the daily auction of these that are driveing the prices by speculators that never recieve a delivery of the product.
    And they can regulate the export of oil and gas, now its the largest export product, to insure a reserve here that can be sold at fair prices, the game is changeing due to the Iran issue, and nobody is protecting our interests.
    And why should they you ask, when they all recieve thier income from investments, that are makeing high stakes investors millions.
    Maybe a law should read that congressmen and Senators can not profit, even from mutual fund investments, from investment in oil and gas, I bet you would see things change then….and spell check dont work on this,so dont get your panties up tight if I misspelled something

  13. The ilks… Aren’t they some fraternal order like the moose lodge? 😉


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