The Hypocrite-In-Chief

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Laugh It Up, Asshole

I read on Drudge this morning that Obama has flown back to Hawaii to continue his latest vacation after a deal was reached to avoid the fiscal cliff,  but he did not bother to sign the bill. On the radio I heard he could either sign it remotely with the autopen or have it flown to Hawaii for signing.
Well, after four years of wasteful spending I don’t believe Obama will break precedence and choose the prudent option. I believe he will say that this bill is too important to use the autopen and will want to use the background of the Hawaiian paradise to sign the actual bill that he will have flown there, at taxpayer expense, just to rub our noses in it.
I don’t know if this is the way it will happen or not, but if he was really concerned about the cost to the taxpayers he would never have gone to Hawaii in the first place knowing that the fiscal cliff negotiations were going on, but to go there at a cost of $4 million and then return to D.C.  and then back to Hawaii at a cost of and additional $3 million is the height of hypocrisy. Then again what are we to expect from this POS!
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “The Hypocrite-In-Chief

  1. Flush from victory he’s talking about tax increases next year. We just can’t cut our way to prosperity.

  2. Yeah, those Fed Ex charges to Hawaii will really break the bank.

  3. Cloward-Piven strategy to totally bankrupt the govt, here we come!

  4. Thank you Tom for this post pointing out this hypocrisy. The king embraces the “let them eat cake” doctrine; but to add insult to injury, he takes a pleasure trip costing the taxpayers’ money they don’t have giving us the “finger”. This is really thoughtless of the American people and unconscienable. I know in my heart and mind and soul that God will render justice in His own good timing.

  5. ‘t is we just paid for Every thing about this person is a lie. One thing that isn’t is we just paid for 1.6 billion rounds of ammo for DHS (Department of Homeland Security). Why would the DHS need so much ammo to protect us? (If Obama Is Opposed To Guns, Why Did His Administration Just Purchase 1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammunition?) (link :


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