The Hypocrisy of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

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Liberal élites are masters at “Do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy.
On June 12, 2014, at its annual gala, the Wildlife Conservation Society conferred honors on Hillary and Chelsea Clinton for their commitment to save elephants and to protect wildlife and wild places.
Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio were among the 600 guests in attendance at the event, which was held at the Central Park Zoo.
This was what Chelsea wore to the gala — a hideous pair of black LEATHER leggings:
Chelsea Clinton in leather leggings
I can just see it now . . . .
Chelsea, who is still getting $600,000 a year from NBC as a “special correspondent” for doing nothing, got up on the morning of June 12, looked through her gigantic wardrobe of designer clothes and shoes, then selected a hideous but very expensive pair of skin-tight leggings made from ANIMAL skin to wear to a gala for ANIMAL welfare.
Not to be outdone in hypocrisy by her daughter, Hildebeast was recently seen wearing a hideous green LEATHER coat while strolling somewhere in Europe with her still-philandering husband, flanked by long-suffering Secret Service agents whom she regularly tells to “F*ck off.”

Chelsea Clinton Graduates From Oxford University, Britain - 10 May 2014Photo from The Washington Free Beacon

How many cows were slaughtered in order to provide the hide to cover Hildebeast’s voluminous butt and Chelsea’s sausage thighs?
This is not about using animals as food. This is about killing and skinning animals strictly for vanity.
Only Demonrat élites can be this disconnected in their professed beliefs vs. their actual behavior.
H/t FOTM’s Lola

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0 responses to “The Hypocrisy of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

  1. OMG!!! Are they that shallow?!!!

  2. Has Chelsea never looked in a mirror when she had on skin hugging leather pants? Unfortunately, although she was very thin for her wedding, she has put on a great deal of weight. Although, some of the current styles, may look great on an extremely thin rocker–they don’t look good on a fully fleshed out woman. She should have the common sense to dress accordingly. Perhaps the “leather look” is a way of displaying her wealth, I doubt that leather pants are a cheap item–else all of us would be wearing them. Get a clue, girlie! And what can be said for the Mother, she is beyond hope.

  3. Hillary, the school bus driver called–please return the seatcovers you used for your coat.

  4. Those pants Chelsea is wearing could be pleather, but those red-sole shoes are a dead giveaway as Christian Louboutin leather peep toe pumps.

  5. Chelsea looks just like her dad in that shot…may he rest in peace. Some women look great while pregnant….unfortunately, not so much for chelsea; especially while wearing skin tight leather pants that show off those massive Hillary thighs and designer heels that throw off her center of gravity. Women used to be modest, especially when pregnant. The types of clothing they wore ‘back in the day’ would be protective of the pregnancy such as ballet slippers, loose pants, or a frock and they looked adorable. Today, women dress however they want (high heels, skin tight leather pants that become very hot and sweaty) even if it is a possible danger to the baby. It’s as though they don’t want the pregnancy to interfere with their ability to do whatever they want (like females who lift weights, do crossfit or run marathons while late in their last trimester). Chelsea’s outfit reminds me of a desperate woman of the night seeking clients, it’s also very tacky and hypocritical for the animals and her baby.

  6. Funny stuff, including the “bus seats,” lol! Leather pants are gross looking, sleazy, imho, no matter who’s wearing them, male or female, Biker, Celeb, or average American “Hot Stuff.” Not impressed.
    “Wildlife Conservation!! Yes, by all means… er, um, EXCEPT when it concerns my WARDROBE!”
    Back in the 1970’s while living in a usually quiet ski town, I once saw a group create a noisy ruckus one night when they “attacked” the “rich tourists” who had come to town during the winter ski season & were wearing their real animal fur coats. As they entered one of the discos, the anti-fur-coats group screamed & hollered insults & pummeled them with snowballs! Lol. PETA had not even been founded yet (1980), so I guess the anti-fur crowd were just a bunch of “hippies-future-PETA-wannabes,” lol!
    FastForward 15 years, grandmother dies @ age 85, we’re going through her things, & found she owned a fox-fur stole! Wow, nice, very pretty! But FlashBack then had me thinking: Had Nana ever been in “ski town” decked with her stole, she would have been “stoned” with snowballs! (I wouldn’t have wanted that for beloved Nana!)

  7. I drive a yellow cab in New York City. I picked up Chelsea and her girlfriends up in the Meatpacking District once, about five years ago. Let me tell you, there’s less to Chelsea than meets the eye. (I mean intellectually and socially).

  8. What a bag of garbage Hillary is. And to think that they spend all that money, and animals have to die so mother and daughter can both look like trash.

  9. They have hideous taste in their attire.
    Hubbell is fortunate not to have to see this.

  10. I’m still searching for the right words that fully describe how sick to my stomach this photo makes me feel.. What must the rest of the world think?

  11. Hideous both of them. For someone who says she has tried to care about money but just cant , it seems she also can’t care about how horrible she looks!

  12. Prince Michael

    I love her “rocker” pants, she’s elegant, intelligent, thin, eats her salad, drinks her water, goes jogging. She needs to get rid of her demon, a trip to Israel might help her, I wouldn’t trust any plate her mother puts in front of her.
    She needs to pickup her instrument, find happiness.

  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. The use of leather in their clothes is amazing. And yet, they are honored for such behavior.


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