The hypocrisy of Pres. Lucifer’s government shutdown

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This morning, when I was writing the “America’s future: College students know all about twerking, but clueless about world leaders” post, I needed a piece of information — the percentage of Americans who are college students.

So I went on the federal government website National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), which is part of the U.S. Department of Education, but discovered that the entire website is blackened out, except for this message:


So is the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:



So is the Department of Defense website:



Clash Daily discovered that Pres. Lucifer even shut down the Amber Alert website. When you try to go on that website, you’ll get this message:


So too with other federal government websites, except this one.

It’s Mooch’s Let’s Move website:

let's moveI took the above screenshot of Let’s Move with the date (10/7/2013) and time (2:56 PM) when I accessed it, as evidence.

President Lucifer has closed America’s national monuments, parks and even the Atlantic Ocean, threatened military priests with arrest if they dare to celebrate Mass voluntarily without pay, forced elderly and other Americans from their privately-owned homes, and closed down the websites of the U.S. Department of Education, CDC, DOD, and Ambert Alert — all because of the so-called government shutdown.

But Mooch’s Let’s Move website is open for business!

Because, you know, a website about kids exercising and eating healthy meals is just so much more important than the Vietnam Memorial, or our soldiers attending Mass, or the Ambert Alert, or . . . .

You self-serving hypocritical POS in the White House. You make me ill. svomit_100-121


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0 responses to “The hypocrisy of Pres. Lucifer’s government shutdown

  1. You hit the nail on the head with the last sentence for the rest of us. I would not have been so nice, but I,m trying to keep my blood pressure down. This pos is like the turd in the sand box, nobody wants to touch it to remove it and they just leave it there to stink the place up. Hey congress do ya get my message! His crap is stinking America up!

  2. This vote-burgling appeasement monkey needs to be swinging from a tree, and I don’t mean by his arms either.

  3. Certain members of Congress are in bed with this president. The people who want the US to default and for the bailin to start are paying off certain congressional elements to aid the Wall Street banksters to crush the momentum that was bubbling up to reinstate Glass Steagall. The banksters were the ones were in the WH before the meeting with Reid Pelosi McConnell and Boehner. They wanted assurance that every possible step is taken to avoid reinstatement of Glass Steagall. They want to get Bailin going so they can hollow out the US economy further, the process is in full swing and it’s contagious. Congress better get hip to this and use their last remainng piece of patriorism to do so, walk into the WH and tell the Adminstration leaders to pack their load and get out and have the Congress to pass the RETURN TO PRUDENT BANKING ACT in the House and the parallell bills that are filed ready for passage in the Senate. Shut Wall Street down and have Congress to utter credit through a New National Bank fofor massive infrastructrue projects ettc to put our nation back on it’s feet. It will be baby steps at first but with a decent plan in place for four generation projects that will improve civilization, water management, industry, agriculture and science without the impediment of the person we have at presdient sitting up on Penn. Ave and his supporters in Congress on either side of the isle either wittingly or unwittingly, left high and dry.
    Courage as Alan Grayson would say. Courage…….

  4. This is a temper tantrum ,in typical fashion Obama shuts down the services that he thinks honest tax paying citizens will miss the most…Its a small price to for us to pay..Republicans need to stay the coarse and not cave in.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for your research of government sites and exposing the hypocrisy of this evil king. As you said in another recent post, he is deliberately making life difficult and miserable for the American people. He also makes me sick! I cannot stand to look at him. When his image comes on television, I immediately change the channel because he repulses me.

  6. Gee, it cost more money and man-hours to tell peoplehow much they’re not doing than just not doing it…

  7. Of course, the Immigration (Illegal Alien) rally was still held today.

  8. Grasping at straws?

    I hate to take the wind out of your sails again (lobbing baseless accusations against our president can be fun) but this on’es also a swing and a miss:

    Let’s Move isn’t a government-funded program at the day to day level. From it’s (still operating) website:
    “How is this initiative being funded? Is there any grant money available to support Let’s Move! Museums & Gardens programs or exhibits?
    This program is a collaboration supported by IMLS and the partnering organizations. IMLS supports many museum projects that provide important health messages to children and their parents and caregivers through Museum for America and National Leadership Grants.”
    The program wouldn’t be shut down because it doesn’t require the annual federal budget for its operating expenses (like the OJD, DOD, etc.) Those are federal offices, while Let’s Move is a separate organization.


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