The Piñata Dress

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The above pic was sent to me by a friend, who shall remain unnamed (and forever banished from my e-mail list, LOL). Alas, it’s photoshopped. (h/t katykat)
The original pic is this one, taken by Life magazine on Sept. 17, 2009. Barack & Michelle were on their way to award a posthumous Medal of Honor to a soldier killed in Afghanistan, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti:

Sorry, folks!

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0 responses to “The Piñata Dress

    First NoLady Michelle Obama is the new spokesperson for “Ho On The Go!”.
    Ho On The Go is a clothing and accessories line created by Monica Lewinsky.
    Ms. Lewinsky is credited with innovative uses of Altoid mints and office furniture during the Clinton presidency. Mrs. Obama is proud to represent a clothing line that working girls can wear walking streets in DC and other trashy locales.

  2. Zorro,can’t quit laughing! this fits.

  3. It’s only due to their military discipline that is keeping those troops from ROTFLTAO!!!

  4. Is this photoshopped???? I mean, this even outdoes the cupcake “shirt” or whatever it was!!!! This just shows what a joke she thinks the US is that she disrespects the office of the presidency and being a representative of the US that she dresses like a total blithering idiot. Either that or she is colorblind and stupid. We know she has no taste, but this is so far in the negative category, there’s no place on the charts for it. JUST GO AWAY, o’s.

  5. My mother once told me in jest, that when she got very old, if she started wearing red, purple and pink together, to please shoot her!

  6. Actually the first dress could be for real considering some of the things MOO comes out in. Remember the black and red spider dress? It reminds me of the inaugural gown that she wore–toilet tissue wads glued onto a one-shouldered dress. What a fool!

  7. “Alas, it’s photoshopped”
    Why “Alas”? Because you WANT the First Lady of the United States to look foolish?
    Why would any patriotic American want THAT?
    Unless you put your party before your country.

    • Hey, Iggy,
      Don’t you even read our “About ” page? If you had, you’d know that we are conservative INDEPENDENTS, not GOP loyalists. Only someone, i.e. you, who’s a party slave would assume that others also are party hacks.
      Unlike you, I put my country and the Constitution before any political party. I certainly put my country before any person who calls herself First Lady — the same woman who said only when Americans idolized her husband that she finally was proud of her country for the first time in her life.
      As for Michelle “looking foolish,” she doesn’t need any wishful thinking on our part. She does that very well all on her own:

  8. Ignatz! you’re wrong! It would be really nice if she didn’t EMBARASS us daily,BUT THE HITS JUST KEEP ON COMIN! She is lacking class of any sort. We need to find the picture of her,”The Fraud” and Bill Ayers for you. It is way more fitting.


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