The Hide-In-Plain-Sight Caption Contest

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This is the 194th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic:

You know the drill:

  • Enter the contest by submitting your caption as a comment on this thread (scroll down until you see the “LEAVE A REPLY” box).
  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a gorgeous Award Certificate of Excellence and a year’s free subscription to FOTM:D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

This contest will be closed in a week, at the end of next Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

Angela Merkel signals allegiance to her master.

For the winner of our last Caption Contest, go here.


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44 responses to “The Hide-In-Plain-Sight Caption Contest

  1. Put your finger in here and you can tickle my belly button.

  2. This is the size I like to abort my baby

  3. (Teeth Clintchd)
    Not the damn crazy glue trick… again…

  4. If I had cajones, they’d be this BIG!

  5. Guess you can see what team she works for… Mr. T loves to display his loyalty with his triangle hand sign as well…

  6. Contest for Joe Stalin’s Housekeeper LookAlike Contest.

  7. The symbol means “vagina” in American sign language. She is saying to the deaf people in the audience, “Hey, I’m every bit as much of a (c-word) as the one who nearly became the U.S. president.”

  8. “Sure is a good thing this Velcro works!”

  9. My hands might be making a symbol but in my mind I am raising my right arm and giving a “proper” German Salute. The one used by the last guy who ruined Germany before me.

  10. “By pressing the button in the middle You can take out the Rotten Dutch apple. Press as many as you can!

  11. It pays to advertise ……. but not when it is THAT big!

  12. This is my brain as a world leader.

  13. This is how much care I have for my fellow countrymen.

  14. “I don’t always flash Illuminati signs, but when I do . . . aw heck, that was a lie. You know I always do. Every chance I get. Because I like to snicker about it behind closed doors with the other Illuminati tools in world government.”

  15. “This much of Germany will be non-muslim.”

  16. “The muslims said we can keep this much of our country.”

  17. Not THE Bermuda Triangle!

  18. This is how big my vajayjay is. And interestingly enough, this is where it is.
    Demon Life!

  19. “And the teensy, weensy spider crawled up the spout again!”

  20. “My mom taught me to do this whenever my hands start to form the Hitler salute”.

  21. When I do this signal, my spacecraft knows my exact location and one day, it’ll land and I can return home once again.

  22. What people do not know about me is I taught DDP his signature move

  23. I have such a magnetic personality, my fingertips always come together.

  24. The Mother of all rapefugees sending her love to them through this inverted heart hand gesture

  25. ”Fellow satanists, continue in your efforts in decimating the Christians until they are reduced to this many!”

  26. The “Devil Horns” and the “OK” 666 hand signs were a little too obvious, so I’ll just use this one from now on. They’ll NEVER figure this one out.

  27. Preying hands

  28. All together now comrades: The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout…

  29. How confusing for the Masons when Trump does it too

  30. The sign means vagina in American Sign Language.
    Merkel to Muslims: Here am I, use me.

  31. What alleged hand sign are we supposed to be seeing here?
    Not secret, “illuminati”, Masonic, et. al.

  32. I’ve got Germany all buttoned up in many ways.
    Ignore our major issues.

  33. “I’m totally going to win the ‘Follower of the Month’ contest at my local occult meeting.”

  34. “Here’s the church…”

  35. Whaddya mean NWO? It’s a birth defect.I was born this way.

  36. Besides the internet, Al Gore also invented my hand position.

  37. It’s THIS big.

  38. Whenever I think about president Trump, I get this big down there

  39. George Soros taught me this unique hand position because it keeps my depends up

  40. No matter how many wardrobe changes, Ms. Merkle still can’t get a date with her master Lucifer.

  41. there Are no more reason to vote again for trump.

  42. This contest is CLOSED.


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