The Happy Carriage

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Like all urban residents, New Yorkers have learnt not to make eye contact and, if they’re on the subway, to keep to themselves by reading a newspaper or getting plugged into an iPod.
But this day things were different inside a carriage on the subway….

Think independently
Love each other
Be human to each other
All saints were flawed human beings like you and me. But becoming a saint really is not difficult. As St. Vincent dePaul once said: “Be kind. Be kind. And you will become a saint!”

H/t beloved Miranda.


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0 responses to “The Happy Carriage

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA… was a good thing no one was having a horrible day! I just thought it was so neat how it made ppl smile and how they were excited to do it for the next group too. My husband is from Dallas and he loves it in the Panhandle b/c he says they ppl are so friendly.
    On one of our radio stations the other day, one of the DJs is from the Dallas Metro, he said that that morning he was at a red lite and when it turned green the person at the front didn’t move. He said he was so irritated and was fixing to honk, when the girl in the car in front of him got out of her car. She ran to the window of the car in front, knocked on the window and pointed to the light. She waved and ran back to her car, he said he was in awe, not one car honked at the elderly couple. Then he said…..Only in the Texas Panhandle! 🙂

    • Are u really? Lots and lots and lots of ppl! I had u pegged as a Texas guy….especially after that hysterical cow poop in the water joke! 🙂

      • I’m totally shocked! I have never ridden on a subway! When we go on vacation every yr we always go to Mexico to the beach…but this yr we will not be doing that…too unsafe. I have always wanted to see New York but we are not great tourist! On vacation we like to totally do absolutely NOTHING….lay by the beach/pool.


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