The Hag Retires

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H/t Tina!

Helen Thomas announced today she is retiring, just months shy of her 166th 90th birthday.
The longtime liberal White House journalist has covered every president since Dwight Eisenhower but stepped down from being a columnist for Hearst Newspapers, in the wake of vicious remarks she made last week about the need for Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go back to Germany and Poland.”
Thomas, who is of Lebanese ancestry, is a vivid testimony to the American Left being the new Nazis. Admit it. When you heard her say that, you thought: “What she really means to say is Jews should `go back’ into the ovens.”

H/t Fellowship co-founder Steve and beloved member May!

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0 responses to “The Hag Retires

  1. Geeeesh! I think it’s about time, I think she is evil.

  2. I wish she would go back home too, but they wouldn’t take her, even hell has standards.

  3. Bye bye ya old hag…she’ll now probably end up spewing her hatred on Huffpo or Daily Kos…good riddance!

  4. Ironically, she’s not dead nor does the green person look as bad as her, but:

  5. The only thing we have going for us is retirement is just one step away from retirement. I think she should be cremated, of course not while she’s still alive. Gad! can you imagine the odor from that old crone. Scary, Scary stuff.

  6. Via Jeff Rense I picked up on the Obama birther expose and I enjoyed it.
    I then came here hoping to see some reason that I should hate/dislike Helen Thomas, minus the fact that you folks consider yourself conservatives and she a liberal and thus your ENEMY, where are the reasons I should dislike helen thomas?
    What she said about the FAUX JEWS of Europe is 100% correct.
    Odd, that people who consider themselves WISE cannot see through the RED BLUE nonsense and this may apply to people like Helen Thomas yet it seems it most definately applies to hard headed conservatives.
    polarization is the goal and you feed right into it.
    divided and conquered

    • neo,
      Frankly, we at Fellowship of the Minds seek neither your approval nor applause. Nor do we need to defend or even give you an explanation why we dislike Helen Thomas. I dislike her simply because she’s an offense to esthetics.
      No one asked you to come onto this blog. And if you think hating Jews is not “polarization,” then you are the one who “cannot see through the nonsense.”
      There are good & evil in all races, ethnicities, cultures, peoples, genders, and sexual proclivities. No group is ALL evil or ALL good. To believe otherwise, as you evidently do, is the definition of prejudice and bigotry.

  7. Steve—Is Neo a hater of Jews? I would have never guessed. I like to hate everybody that way I can spread the anger and hatred around. You know — be an equal opportunity hater. It’s actually a lot of fun on some of the other blogs.

  8. Steve,
    You and I both know –nothing is black and white. there is always some underlying reason for the existence of a problem and the solution to any problem has more than one answer. You know, like–‘Do I shoot the bastard or maybe just shoot him in the leg…’ What we’re all looking for here is answers to many problems and there are enough of them to go around–almost all of these problems were created by our government over a number of years. We have 535 people elected to run this country and they have made a literal mess of things.
    I know we can turn it around and I for one believe if idiots like Rosie O get in the way then take them out back—Now there is a black and white decision making time.


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