The Greatest Bumpersticker Of All Time

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I want one! 😀

A big h/t to beloved FellowshipOfMinds member May!

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0 responses to “The Greatest Bumpersticker Of All Time

  1. That bumper sticker actually got an “oh, my” out of me. LOL
    Subsisto screwing sursum nostrum terra – Stop screwing up our country
    (Let me know when you get tired of reading my Latin signatures and I’ll stop.)

  2. Saw one in Atlanta last week that said, “Buck Ofama”, Those folks may have damage done to their car in that city! It was funny, however.

    Okay, I’m stealing this one, too.

  4. Don’t Know Latin but I can’t stand Buck Ofama.
    Someone said that BP was thinking of dumping garbage into the oil spill hole–I suggested if they need some garbage for the job they should go ahead and use Ofama and his Congress.


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