6 responses to “The GOP Went Over to the Dark Side?

  1. Uh, this is from “Russia Today” Or RT (lower left hand logo) all I can say is.

    Grain. Of. Salt.

    The exact same telecast that said Obama should starve the Red States to get his agenda passed.

    Not saying the GOP don’t have issues but seeing this left wing Glenn Beck wannabe talk I am highly suspicious.

  2. Not doubting you “E” I just question everything from Russia Today. It’s their version of the Today show with a hint of National Enquirer for good measure.

  3. People that put logos and elements of advertising slogans together are very aware of the meanings of symbols, right side up or not. The question regarding the Republicans shifting to the Baphomet-style of upside down star was quite worrying to many, because it is, in fact, a covert way to telegraph association with, if not endorsement of, policies that are not all sweetness, light and doing things as Jesus would have us to do.

    I blame the idiot that decided to upend the stars. Not the Republican party itself, just the PR person that approved the shift in the direction the star was pointing. For many, the upside down star is actually off putting, and offensive.

    I’ve spent decades doing work in public relations. I ‘got it’ the first time that I saw the newer logo, and actually requested the stars be put right side up. The way it is now, the subliminal message remains. Exorcism is not necessary, just a repair of the brand’s logo.

  4. the american flag above only has 50 stars while i’ve heard obama say that he has been to 57 states so if he has been to 57 states shouldn’t there be 57 stars or is he an idiot.

  5. And before he was in office 36 hours Obama broke another color barrier becoming the first Black president to kill brown civilians and children with remote controlled drones in Afghanistan……Its only by erasing and ignoring the connection between trillion-dollar giveaways to Wall Street banksters and unlimited funding for imperial war that a sensible person can pin the cause of an epidemic of violence in poor communities to some ethical or moral shortcomings of people who live therein morally deficient ghetto neighborhoods amid exhortations to residents to clean themselves upfirst begin to make a kind of sense……Youll never hear this kind of opportunist preacher-politician tell his megachurch audience that for 600 or 700 million a fraction of what the government gave Bank of America a few months ago all the student loan debt in the country could be redeemed.


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