The GOP Went Over to the Dark Side?

Take a look at this weird video:


H/t Vigilant Citizen.

I went to the Republican National Committee website and, indeed, the GOP elephant logo has upside-down stars, otherwise called pentagrams!


See for yourself by going HERE.

The stars on the America flag are right side-up, so why does the Republican Party have upside-down stars in its logo?

Oh, by the way, Rupert Cornwall reports for the UK’s The Independent, June 30, 2011, that a study by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies found that the cost of America’s War On Terror, begun by George W. Bush and continued by Obama, will surpass the cost of World War Two.

The $1.3 trillion officially appropriated on Capitol Hill is the tip of a spending iceberg. If other Pentagon outlays, interest payments on money borrowed to finance the wars, and the $400bn estimated to have been spent on the domestic “war on terror”, the total cost is already somewhere between $2.3 and $2.7 trillion. Add in future military spending and above all the cost of looking after veterans, disabled and otherwise and the total bill will be somewhere between $3.7 trillion and $4.4 trillion.

A 2008 study co-authored by the Harvard economist Linda Bilmes and Joseph Stiglitz, a former Nobel economics laureate, similarly concluded that the War On Terror would end up costing over $3 trillion. The difference is that America’s financial position has worsened considerably in the meantime, with a brutal recession and a federal budget deficit running at some $1.5 trillion annually, while healthcare and social security spending is set to soar as the population ages and the baby boomer generation enters retirement.

Worse still, unlike most of America’s previous conflicts, Iraq and Afghanistan have been financed almost entirely by borrowed money that sooner or later must be repaid. The total cost to America of its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus the related military operations in Pakistan, is set to exceed $4 trillion – more than three times the sum so far authorised by Congress in the decade since the 9/11 attacks.


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9 years ago

Uh, this is from “Russia Today” Or RT (lower left hand logo) all I can say is.

Grain. Of. Salt.

The exact same telecast that said Obama should starve the Red States to get his agenda passed.

Not saying the GOP don’t have issues but seeing this left wing Glenn Beck wannabe talk I am highly suspicious.

9 years ago

Not doubting you “E” I just question everything from Russia Today. It’s their version of the Today show with a hint of National Enquirer for good measure.

9 years ago

People that put logos and elements of advertising slogans together are very aware of the meanings of symbols, right side up or not. The question regarding the Republicans shifting to the Baphomet-style of upside down star was quite worrying to many, because it is, in fact, a covert way to telegraph association with, if not endorsement of, policies that are not all sweetness, light and doing things as Jesus would have us to do. I blame the idiot that decided to upend the stars. Not the Republican party itself, just the PR person that approved the shift in the direction… Read more »

9 years ago

the american flag above only has 50 stars while i’ve heard obama say that he has been to 57 states so if he has been to 57 states shouldn’t there be 57 stars or is he an idiot.

Panama foundation
9 years ago

And before he was in office 36 hours Obama broke another color barrier becoming the first Black president to kill brown civilians and children with remote controlled drones in Afghanistan……Its only by erasing and ignoring the connection between trillion-dollar giveaways to Wall Street banksters and unlimited funding for imperial war that a sensible person can pin the cause of an epidemic of violence in poor communities to some ethical or moral shortcomings of people who live therein morally deficient ghetto neighborhoods amid exhortations to residents to clean themselves upfirst begin to make a kind of sense……Youll never hear this kind… Read more »