The Goonion Solution

It appears our friends at the AFL-CIO (which in Dave’s world means American Federation of Losers-Communist International Operatives) have come up with some suggestions for ways the congressional “supercommittee” could go about reducing our nation’s debt:

The AFL-CIO is proposing a number of tax hikes and healthcare policy reforms, along with drawing troops down in Afghanistan and Iraq, to help bring down the national deficit.
In a memo sent to reporters Monday, Alison Omens, the labor federation’s director of media outreach, says the AFL-CIO will be urging members of Congress this October to help get Americans back to work, including passing $140 billion in funds for rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure and aiding state governments as proposed by President Obama in his American Jobs Act.
Further, the AFL-CIO will be calling on lawmakers not to pass proposals that would slash benefits under Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The memo comes as the congressional task force, known as the “supercommittee,” begins its job of coming up with at least $1.5 trillion in government spending cuts this fall.

And that is just for starters.
You can read the rest here.
Once you have finished reading, you will understand why the only reason these people have jobs is because they are a members of an organized mob.

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Truth in editiorial cartoonage.


Death panels, ending anything military and higher taxes… 9.7 for Leftardation, 4.3 for Orginality (even with a 9.9 on both from the E. German judge).


thankyou for truth Dave. the super committee is UNconstitutional.


What I don’t understand is that the unions are a much smaller percentage than us regular working stiff. Why can’t we get rid of them? Oh yeah, the politicians that write the state laws to protect them. They are all thugs!

Dr. Eowyn

I suggest those unions begin with the 6-figure salaries of union leaders, and their huge pension perks. In Chicago alone, 23 union leaders will collect $56 million in perks.


Had some of them in town yesterday dressed in boycott gear passing out flyers to every passing vehicle because a local home improvement store was hiring people “they” deemed, unfair.
I drove by, window barely down, as he’s trying to shove a flyer in my face and upon his responding to me, began rolling away w/my window now going up saying, “You guys talk about “fairness”? and laughed as I drove off.