The 66 Samurai: Republicans Who Voted Against Debt Deal

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Remember these names.
If your Congressman/woman is one of the 66 Samurai, send them a “Thank You” note or phonecall! To contact your representative, go here.
Re-elect them in 2012. Vote against any Republican whose name isn’t on the lists below, esp. the traitor Allen West who now calls “schizophrenic” the very same Tea Partiers who had got him into the House of Representatives last November.
Republicans in the United States House of Representatives who voted against the final debt deal on August 1, 2011:

  1. Akin, Todd (Missouri)
  2. Amash, Justin (Michigan)
  3. Bachmann, Michele (Minnesota)
  4. Bishop, Rob (Utah)
  5. Brooks, Mo (Alabama)
  6. Broun, Paul (Georgia)
  7. Buerkle, Ann Marie (NY)
  8. Burton, Dan (Indiana)
  9. Chaffetz, Jason (Utah)
  10. Cravaack, Chip (Minnesota)
  11. Davis, Geoff (Kentucky)
  12. DesJarlais, Scott (Tennessee)
  13. Duncan, Jeff (South Carolina)
  14. Flake, Jeff (Arizona)
  15. Fleischmann, Chuck (Tennessee)
  16. Fleming, John (Louisiana)
  17. Forbes, Randy (Virginia)
  18. Franks, Trent (AZ)
  19. Garrett, Scott (New Jersey)
  20. Gingrey, Phil (Georgia)
  21. Gohmert, Louie (Texas)
  22. Gowdy, Trey (SC)
  23. Graves, Tom (Georgia)
  24. Griffith, Morgan (Virginia)
  25. Hall, Ralph (Texas)
  26. Harris, Andy (Maryland)
  27. Hartzler, Vicky (Missouri)
  28. Huelskamp, Tim (Kansas)
  29. Hultgren, Randy (Illinois)
  30. Hunter, Duncan (Calif)
  31. Johnson, Tim (Illinois)
  32. Jones, Walter (North Carolina)
  33. Jordan, Jim (Ohio)
  34. King, Steve (Iowa)
  35. Kingston, Jack (Georgia)
  36. Labrador, Raul (Idaho)
  37. Lamborn, Doug (Colorado)
  38. Landry, Jeff (Louisiana)
  39. Latham, Tom (Iowa)
  40. Mack, Connie (Florida)
  41. McClintock, Tom (California)
  42. Mulvaney, Mick (SC)
  43. Neugebauer, Randy (Texas)
  44. Nunes, Devin (Calif.)
  45. Paul, Ron (Texas)
  46. Pearce, Steve (New Mexico)
  47. Poe, Ted (Texas)
  48. Posey, Bill (Florida)
  49. Quayle, Ben (Arizona)
  50. Rehberg, Denny (Montana)
  51. Roby, Martha (Alabama)
  52. Rokita, Todd (Indiana)
  53. Ross, Dennis (Florida)
  54. Scalise, Steve (Louisiana)
  55. Schweikert, David (Arizona)
  56. Scott, Tim (SC)
  57. Scott, Austin (Georgia)
  58. Southerland, Steve (Florida)
  59. Stearns, Cliff (Florida)
  60. Stutzman, Marlin (Indiana)
  61. Tipton, Scott (Colorado)
  62. Turner, Michael (Ohio)
  63. Walsh, Joe (Illinois)
  64. Westmoreland, Lynn (Georgia)
  65. Wilson, Joe (SC)
  66. Yoder, Kevin (Kansas)

Republicans in the United States Senate who voted against the final debt deal on August 2, 2011:

  1. Ayotte, Kelly (NH)
  2. Chambliss, Saxby (GA)
  3. Coats, Dan (IN)
  4. Coburn, Tom (OK)
  5. DeMint, Jim (SC)
  6. Graham, Lindsey (SC)
  7. Grassley, Chuck (IA)
  8. Hatch, Orrin (UT)
  9. Heller, Dean (NV)
  10. Inhofe, James (OK)
  11. Johnson, Ron (WI)
  12. Lee, Mike (UT)
  13. Moran, Jerry (KS)
  14. Paul, Rand (KY)
  15. Rubio, Marco (FL)
  16. Sessions, Jeff (AL)
  17. Shelby, Richard (AL)
  18. Toomey, Pat (PA)
  19. Vitter, David (LA)

For why the debt deal, aka the misnamed Budget Control Act of 2011 (it will do no such thing), is bad for America, see “The Devil is in the Details of Obama’s Debt Deal.”

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0 responses to “The 66 Samurai: Republicans Who Voted Against Debt Deal

  1. I guess Saxby got my email.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I looked for it, and couldn’t find it, though I probably didn’t recognize what I was looking for. I’m delighted and saddened that I’ll only be writing one thank you not, but not surprised.

    • Would you believe it took me half an hour to find the list of names on the web, and then I had to spend at least another hour+ to find the first names and the states of the 66 House Republicans? Why is it so difficult? Hmmmm

      • Eowyn,
        I looked for it, too, and encountered the same difficulty.
        Something tells me the so-called “conservative” wing of the ruling class had something to do with it.
        -That would be DumbMass, Inc., whose top board members are John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.
        I’m not exactly sure what you would get if you were to cross a RINO with a traitorous swine, but I’m pretty sure it would bear a strong resemblance to both of those jackasses in elephant suits.
        SWINO, perhaps?

        • I don’t doubt that, Dave. It was so strange that I had to work so hard and long to find the information– and then, I still had to piece it together by finding the states of those 66 Repubs. I can only conclude that TPTB don’t want us to have the information. That, of course, made me even more determined to find and put it together. LOL
          Now, anyone searching for the Republicans who did NOT vote for the Budget Control Addicted to Debt Act of 2011, they can find it on Fellowship of the Minds! 😀

  3. Am I The Only One?

    We are only 469 members Short, in Congress, of 100% , of what “Should Be The Norm”, in Congress!

  4. Eowyn, thank you so much for your exhaustive and detailed research and the work you performed in order to provide us with this important information. May St. Michael the Archangel continue to guide and watch over you, my dear sister warrior!


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