The gay performance "artist" disinvited by Villanova University

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We are living in the end times, it’s just we don’t know it.
Teresa Masterson reports for NBC10 Philadelphia, Feb. 21, 2012, that Villanova University canceled a workshop by a “provocative gay performance artist.” In a statement, Villanova said:

“With regard to the forthcoming residency and performance workshops by Tim Miller, we had concerns that his performances were not in keeping with our Catholic and Augustinian values and mission. Villanova University is an open and inclusive community and in no way does this singular decision change that.”

Tim Miller, the 53-year-old “artist,” a member of the radical homosexual group ACT UP, complained to The Philadelphia Inquirer that “Times have changed. We’re in a much more coercive, censorious time.”
Here’s a sample of NBC10 readers’ reaction to the university’s cancellation:

  • Nicole Teresa: “It’s a bunch a baboons who judge everyone someone should judge them and see how they like it.”
  • Anthony Caroto: “Well done, Villanova. Bravo! Everyone knows that Jesus (proof of existence pending) hated the gays. He’d say stuff like “Be good to everyone and treat everyone equally…. except for those dad-damn homos!”
  • Andrew Terranova: “Excuse me, but just a few years ago I went to see Medea at Villanova. How does a play about a woman who kills her two kids on stage jive with Villanova’s family values but not a gay workshop? Screw you, Villanova.”

That got me curious about Tim Miller’s act.
To begin with, this is what Miller said in Patrick Merla’s book, Boys Like Us, 1996:

I was seventeen going on eighteen and I was desperate for love and dick. I searched everywhere for it. I hung around the Whittier Public Library, leaning suggestively against the stacks in the psychology section, waiting to be picked up by some graduate student. I leaned too far, once, and almost knocked over an entire row of bookshelves.

I found this video, “Lay of the Land” (get it? wink wink), posted on Miller’s homepage:

Did you catch that allusion to the anal orifice at the 0:21 mark?
Imagine colleges and universities actually pay money to invite Miller for his embarrassing schtick (no pun intended). And yet they are, as seen in Miller’s upcoming performances schedule:

Spring 2012

January 9-15, 2012 University of Minnesota
January 13-14 Open Eye Theatre
Minneapolis, MN
February 6-11 Highways Performance Space
Los Angeles, CA
February 21 University of Southern California
March 7 Denver University
March 8-10 University of Colorado
March 19-24 University of North Carolina School of the Arts
March 25 Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC
April 5 CalArts
April 9-15 InterAct Theatre
Philadelphia, PA
April 12 Muhlenberg College

Fall 2012

August 2-5 Association for Theatre in Higher Education Conference
Washington, DC
September 27 California State University
Long Beach, CA
September 29-30 Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX
October 1-21 University of Colorado

We can take some satisfaction from this: In 1990 the National Endowment for the Arts took away his taxpayer-funded grant. Of course, taxpayers are still paying for his “performance” when he’s invited by state colleges and universities.
By the way, if you’ve ever wondered (as I have) why some gay men like Tim Miller speak with a lisp, it’s because they elect to do so.
According to Dr. Caroline Bowen, a speech-language pathologist:

“Many gay men are effectively bilingual, and can elect whether to sound gay or straight, depending where they are or who they are with.

Just as an African-American individual may switch from Ebonics to standard English, or the other way around, gay people can switch from ‘straight’ to ‘gay’. This is an example of code-switching (see above). […]

Some gay men report code switching to gay production only when they are in the company of other gay men. Indeed, some say that their parents, employers and workmates, for example, have never heard them ‘talk gay’.”

If you haven’t read it, I recommend you acquaint yourself with the stark realities of the gay “lifestyle”. See “What They’ll Never Tell You In ‘Homosexual Education.”

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  1. In an age of depravity paganism is called “art”. He’s evil. Let’s call it what it is — he is an evil man who wants his evil to be called good.

  2. no thanks ill not read that i think the word homosexual is enough to explain why

  3. SMU what the heck? Freakin redickulous!


  5. Made it 36 seconds into vid….disgusting. Can’t believe anyone would pay to see this baloney…


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