The future generation: America is doomed…

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0 responses to “The future generation: America is doomed…

  1. How shamefully pathetic! And one was even wearing a Loyola sweatshirt!
    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ IS our only hope!

  2. Frankly, if a person is this incredibly S-T-U-P-I-D what good are they to society. It seems like a monumental waste to spend money on their education. We are really in DEEP S _ _ T if these are folks represent tomorrow’s future leaders!

  3. Glenda Findley

    First, I loved the gentleman doing the interview. He was priceless. Second, there can be no more doubt that the institutions of higher indoctrination are no longer teaching anything of importance to the majority of the young people who attend. Counter revolutionary and socialist tactics with a generous helping of political correctness, but history no. And to make a statement like “I’m not into the whole America thing.” REALLY? Lord have mercy on us. This is our future.

  4. That was such an EASY question!! Those “students” should be Deported-they don’t DESERVE to be Americans!

  5. College!!! How did they even graduate from high school with this level of stupidity?!!!

  6. It’s my generation, the Baby Boomers, that did this. We were such low-life, rebelling against OUR parents, that we spoiled our own little brats, as you see above.
    We didn’t raise them with religion, tradition, love of America, or anything good.
    This is on us, and the hippy, commie professors that instilled their poison into our kids.

  7. Did he ask them for whom they voted for POTUS? Didn’t see/hear that one. Wanna’ guess the answer?

  8. Anybody who thinks this is the result of “hippy commie professors” is the actual problem.


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