The folly of Washington National Cathedral's Muslim prayer service

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Yesterday, Nov. 14, the Washington National Cathedral in D.C. — “the spiritual home for the [American] nation” — went through as planned with its Muslim prayer service, with only one lone brave woman who protested against the travesty. (See my post “Washington National Cathedral in D.C. to host Muslim prayer service”)
Washington National Cathedral Muslim prayer service
As reported by The Washington Post:

In a corner of Washington National Cathedral, several hundred Muslim worshipers and other invited guests gathered Friday afternoon for a first-ever recitation of weekly Muslim prayers at the iconic Christian sanctuary and to hear leaders of both faiths call for religious unity in the face of extremist violence and hate….
The event was closed to the public, and there was heavy security, with police checking every name and bag….
Nevertheless, the carefully scripted ceremony was marred once when one well-dressed, middle-age woman in the audience suddenly rose and began shouting that “America was founded on Christian principles. . . . Leave our church alone!” She was swiftly ushered out by security aides, and the service continued….
The Very Rev. Gary Hall, dean of the cathedral, spoke of Saint Benedict, who he said believed equally in the importance of prayer and hospitality. Marveling at the sounds of Arabic prayers, which he called “a beautiful sacred language in a beautiful sacred space,” Hall said he hoped the service would serve as the start of more efforts to work together for good.
Other speakers said they hoped the service would help correct some Americans’ misperceptions of Muslims as extremists and reinforce tolerance among faiths.
“Salaam, shalom, peace. You are all so very welcome here,” said the Rev. Canon Gina Gilland Campbell, the cathedral’s director of liturgy, in an open greeting.

Gary Hall, Gina Campbell
The “Very Rev. Gary Hall” and “Rev. Canon Gina Gilland Campbell” are proper useful idiots of Islam, for in opening the doors of the Episcopal cathedral to the Muslim prayer service, the largest “national church” in America will be considered a Muslim place of worship according to Islamic theology.
As , the author of Lions of the Faith and an MA in Islamic Studies from Hartford Seminary with concentration in the Islamic equivalent of Dogmatic Theology, explains in OnePeterFive:

Physical possession of an area by Muslims is regarded as spiritual possession by Islam. If a Muslim owns or uses something, be it small or large, it is technically property of the Muslims, and it may not be used by non-Muslims. It is for this reason that in many Islamic societies throughout history where non-Muslims were present, there were strict and oppressive laws levied against non-Muslims….
The greatest gesture of Islam’s dominance over a particular area is when Muslims pray in it. Most specifically, when they perform the obligatory Friday prayers in a place….
The National Cathedral says that today’s Islamic prayers will be a “historic event” with the intended goal of leading to a “deeper conversation and partnership.” South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, who helped organize this meeting, said of it: “This is a dramatic moment in the world and in Muslim-Christian relations…. This needs to be a world in which all are free to believe and practice and in which we avoid bigotry, Islamophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Christianity and to embrace our humanity and to embrace faith.”
This statement is a perfect example of Islamic dissimulation, called taqiyya, in practice. Islam does not value the freedom of religion, as Muhammad himself stated, and Islam aggressively practices.  Racism is irrelevant in this context, because Islam is not a race, as its own sacred scripture emphasizes. Islam is inherently anti-Semitic and anti-Christian, as countless passages in its sacred scripture and tradition promote and justify heinous and unprovoked violence against Jews and Christians on the basis of their disbelief in Islam. Islam does not regard the humanity of non-Muslims, because its own theology teaches that man’s humanity is conditional upon and proportional to his belief in and practice of Islam. The only true statement here is the part about “embracing faith,” which in Islamic terms means conversion to Islam….
When the Muslims invaded Spain in 711, one of the first things they did after conquering an area was to convert the largest and most magnificent churches into mosques. All of the great Spanish Cathedrals today — St. Mary’s in Valencia, Our Lady of the Assumption in Cordoba, and St. Mary’s of the See in Seville to name a few — were at one time converted to mosques, and only later, after they were recovered, restored to their rightful place as Catholic churches….
For centuries, Catholics and other Christians fought against Islam to prevent this from happening…. As of today, the largest “national church” in America will be considered a Muslim place of worship according to Islamic theology.

Bieszad concludes with a two-fold advice to fellow Christians:

First, do all in your power to prevent your local church from being used for Muslim prayers, because it is about domination, not dialogue. Second, prepare spiritually, mentally, and yes, even physically to combat an increasingly aggressive Islam. While this may be a “historic event,” seen only for its spiritual significance, it may well be the hallmark of much more.

See also “U.S. Episcopal Church is vicious toward its orthodox believers”.

UPDATE (Nov. 18, 2014):

The lone woman who witnessed for Christ is Christine Weick. See “The woman who alone spoke up for Christ in Washington National Cathedral“.
See also “What those Muslims were chanting at Washington National Cathedral.”

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0 responses to “The folly of Washington National Cathedral's Muslim prayer service

  1. Dr. E., If I may:
    The truth is not always as convenient as we would like it to be in western civilization. Of course this had not always been the case.
    Now instead of real men, men of honor, courage, dignity, the will to fight for and protect western civilization from the Savages, western man, sissified western man, evidenced in its institutions of government, education, law, religion, business and community affairs capitulated to the progressive globalist elite super-state revolution in as far as pro-actively fornicating with it.
    Now the truth. western man cannot affix blame to the progressive globalist elite super-state revolutionaries. They followed what their neo-pagan religion of government worship called them to do.
    No, it is the western civilization that sat idly by, choosing to avoid conflict instead of confronting the evil tit-for-tat, now western civilization is in its death throes, the new dark ages are upon us; Savages in The Gates.

    • Ditto, Greg!
      Somewhere along the way, Christian men became stereotyped as sissified effeminate men when Christ Himself was a carpenter (and therefore must have been muscular and brawny) and He chose as His apostles fishermen (also muscular and brawny men). Although I’m a Catholic, I’m beginning to think that the sorry stereotype has something to do with the Catholic clergy of celibate eunuch-like priests, an alarming % of whom are homosexuals. An estimate by a Catholic study is 60%.

      • I look at it this way: As the Catholic Church goes, so goes the world. By studying the historical facts, the Vatican was infiltrated by the Illuminati in 1958. But it was also infiltrated by gay men: Read about Bella Dodd and her mission. (This started in the 1940s).
        I don’t know about the 60 percent figure. It may be lower; It may be higher. Suffice it to say that one of the ways God shows His Wrath is to allow His Church to be infiltrated. It is our job to fight this in whatever way we can. As for me, I have started with myself: I set about to establish a sound view of the historical facts, and I am doing what I can to make sure my own house is in order. (Then I let the factions duke it out with each other). “God sees the truth but waits,” as Michael Savage is wont to say.

    • Excellent points, Greg!

  2. I would think that Gina Campbell would have had to fight to be ordained in a usually male dominated world. She is a traitor to other women, particularly those who in the Muslim world who are viewed as nothing more than chattel. Beasts of burden, to be whipped and treated as beings of no consequence. Obviously this woman is one of little intellect, or she just wants to be “on the cutting edge.” You cannot negotiate with Muslims; yes, it is a nice idea, but they don’t negotiate, no matter what. I hope that those who donate to this cathedral will close their purses, and turn a deaf ear to any pleas they may receive for financial support!

  3. It’s the National Cathedral. Among the most public of public spaces. Why, then, was this event closed to the public?

  4. Similar abominations and worse have been/are held at St John The Devine cathedral in NYC, coincidence? Also an episcopal church, not much more than a bunch of Unitarians in drag.
    Satan’s spawn have been getting away with vilifying and pussifying Christianity for 50 years or more with hardly a peep in opposition.
    I agree with truck, “they” know what they are doing is “wrong” but nobody wants to be labeled a rabble rouser, hater, etc. I know many times I have spoken my mind calmly, trying to get zombies to awaken but get spit on, called a hater, threatened
    Whenever I attempt to speak out in defense of sanity, good taste and manners, morality, etc I get shouted down and called a “MF ()*%&^&*%
    bitch ass faggot Bible thumper. AMAZING! these possessed zombies throw
    out Bible thumper, and I never even got to the point of mentioning God or the Bible

  5. Thank you for a most excellent article. I very much fear that since Vatican II, and especially since the election of Francis, that the same thing will happen to Catholic Cathedrals across the world. In fact, I cannot blame Francis alone; It was John Paul II who went to a mosque and kissed a Koran.
    Alex Jones has been reporting that our churches have been government-infiltrated for some time now. Regardless of your feelings about him, that, too, started all-so-subtly, with the current IRS 503(c) rules. It shows that government can infiltrate any organization it wants.
    Your article today shows us how Islam can also infiltrate any organization or culture it wants.
    I certainly hope that Our Lady of Fatima has different plans as the War of the Worlds is being slowly, and incrementally, launched.

  6. As head of the Tenn. Committee for the Bill of Rights, it is vital to recognize that the muslims do not like or grant the Bill of Rights. I will meet them anywhere and sing a few American hymns and let them groan their minor refrains, but it was the God of Bible that gives the Bill of Rights. These will not prevail here. We have “No King But Jesus.” He has not relinquished His Throne (Trinity v. USA – supreme Court decision 1892 – “This is a Christian nation). Any sect which denies the Trinity of Christ – Father, Son and Holy Ghost – is wading in deep water and will ultimately drown in their error. I am searching to find the lady who protested these imposters at the Cathedral. I want to give her honors at our Bill of Rights Banquet. If anyone can give me her contact information, my email is June Griffin, For God and Country. Political firebrand and lover of patriotism.

  7. Why was there only one Christian woman proclaiming Christ? Only one with chutzpah enough to stand for truth…that the church is for Christians, synagogues for Jewish folks, and not this horrid occult barbarian savages who worship the moon god…shows how far the pulpits have fallen.

  8. The protestor from Michigan said, “Jesus Christ is on that cross over there! Get out of our church! Leave our church alone!” I would have loved it if she had given her name so I could praise her solitary strength and fortitude. Where are the Christians to defend Christianity? I don’t think God is applauding that Hall and Campbell (both look homosexual) used His house for worship of a false god.
    The WNC is a liberal church (like UCC, ELCA, etc.)…which is an oxymoron. How many muslims have invited Christians to worship Christ in their mosques?

  9. Great article Dr. I don’t know if I am so mad I could spit or so sick, I want to puke. I was raised a Christian, but this is beyond anything in my imagination.
    I have had fear since the new Pope was selected. He seems to differ from the church a lot.
    I am trying to figure out if Campbell and Hall are just stupid, have their heads in the sand, or were paid off or are they just two frogs sitting in the proverbial pot of warming water?

    • Glenn47,
      Campbell and Hall are typical LIBERAL “Christian” clerics. I once taught a course in a graduate theological school. One of the faculty there was a nun who claims “Queer theology” as one of her areas of interest and specialty, and did a TV spiel for a local Muslim mosque. She also expressed amazement when I told her I know God loves me — because she doesn’t feel or know that.

  10. And don’t think that this and “Common Core” are not related…Because this vast attempt to denigrate, destroy, and diminish the contributions of Western history, culture, art, and literature are all linked to us accepting this new narrative of the superiority of Islam over everything else.

  11. Beyond disgusting that our so called Christian churches would want to bow down to a satanic cult and then let them use a house of God to worship him in. This is not inclusion which is also wrong, it’s capitulation to Islam.

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  13. The woman who stood up so bravely in defiance of islam and the desecration of our National Cathedral is named Christine Weick, and she drove from Tennessee purely for the purpose of making such a stand.
    WND has an exceptionally interesting article about her and the event, with her comments about all that occurred. It seems from her testimony that the Lord not only led her there, but protected her and made it possible for her to raise that outcry.
    I only hope that somehow she is the first of many, and not the last of too few.

    • Wasn’t she the same one who stood in defiance to homosexuality this past Mother’s Day by protesting on the street?
      Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ”….Hallelujah to her and may the angels continue to protect her as she voices the gospel of Christ.

  14. Here is the video of Christine Weick’s brief statement about Jesus in WNC:

  15. Why waste time with a turbaned, robed, and sandaled flea-infested camel scrubber middle-man when they could have just gone ahead and invited Satan himself?

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  17. 2 Corinthians 6:15 ►
    New International Version
    What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? The real “allah”

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